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I'm should I reach my goal?

I'm slightly overweight...I'd like to loose about 30 pounds, tighten my tummy, sides, back (upper and lower) and tone up my arms and chest. I have over a year to achieve  my goals and I have the eating part of getting in shape covered, but I'm lost when it comes to exercising. I get really bored really easily...I use to do work out videos but would get so bored with watching the same thing every single day I don't stick with it. I want something fun, easy, good for someone who is overweight and kind of a beginner. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: I'm should I reach my goal?

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    Do you belong to a gym? I just joined one and find that it is fun to go and workout. I joined XSport (I wonder if there are any in your area) and they have a lot of different and fun classes. It doesn't cost that much money either; maybe you should join one!

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    Classes at the gym are lots of fun, and with a paid commitment you are generally  more inclined to go. I havnt tried it yet, but zumba is supposed to be a lot of fun, and spin class is a great workout! The gym I go to also has bootcamp classes that help shape up all areas of the body
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    I agree with both PPs.  Group exercise is how I managed to get over my fear of the gym beyond the elliptical machines and treadmills.  I love going to my classes and seeing the same people every week.  it's really fun to watch as everyone's bodies transform.  I started going to a legs intensive class last November every Tuesday and I have never felt stronger. 

    I would recommend introducing yourself to the instructor before class (most instructors will ask the class about any existing injuries and offer modifications).  Don't be afraid to let them know you are a beginner.  And even if you are sore or feel like you failed (my first day in legs class and in Bikram yoga, I thought I was going to pass out and had to sit for a few minutes) definitely go back!  It gets easier and better. 
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    I would recommend cardio, running, jumping rope, elliptical machine.

    If you drink coca-cola, stop now, drink lots of water and you will see results. also, drinking a glass of water before your meals helps (makes you feel fuller and won't finish the whole entree).

    I suggest cutting out a picture of the 'dream body' you'd like to achieve and pasting it on your fridge or somewhere to remind you not to eat that greasy burger. if you snack through out the day on fruits and vegetables, it will help you lose weight.
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    First thing you have to change is what you eat.  If you eat garbage, but work out, you are still gonna feel like garbage and the results won't be as fast.  Plus it just is not as healthy.  I started losing weight by eating 1200 calories a day-- lots of that yoplait light yogurt and soup (campbells chunky light). 

    I was also a nanny at the time, so I was running around, but I didn't work out per se.  If you want to lose quicker, you could try working out too, but I am bad with that equation.  It's like if you're not getting enough calories, your body thinks you're starving and won't let you lose weight...but then if you get too much, you might not be burning enough of it off... sometimes it's all trial and error, unfortunately.  And don't deprive yourself-- don't say I'm not eating chocolate til the wedding or anything like that.  From experience, I can tell you (at least for me), I went a little nuts and then would binge on something.  Just give yourself a tiny treat each day.  That's my advice.  Hope it helps and good luck!
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    Oh wait, I just remembered....I read the biggest loser weight loss (cook)book and that was how I found out how many calories I should have a day.  I shouldn't tell you to have 1200 calories b/c I don't know how much you weigh.  Basically, in the book, it said if you want to lose weight, you multiply your current weight by 7 and that's how many calories you should eat.  Just an FYI!  :)
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    A gym membership is great.  It may seem expensive, but I considered mine to be an investment in my health.

    I strongly recommend doing a few sessions with a personal trainer when you first join (many gyms will offer you some sort of package deal, especially when you first join, so don't be shy about asking).  The trainer will help familiarize you with the machines and how to use them safely and properly, how to find your target heart rate, and suggest a workout routine and additional changes to your diet that might be helpful.  Knowing you will have to meet your trainer and be accountable will also help you get off to a strong start and get you into good habits.

    Other than that, I suggest doing workouts or going to a group class with a friend.  It will be you guys committing to each other to go, which can be more motivation, and won't feel like you are entering a room full of scary, fit strangers.

    Personally, I have been swimming in the morning (although I have to go out of my way a bit to find a club with a full-length pool).  Swimming is great if you are overweight since it is impact-free and won't strain joints that are already carrying too much weight (plus fat floats!).
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