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proud of myself...

2 weeks ago I posted on here I've been stuck at a weight for a while now... I was told to up my workouts so I went from doing 20-30 min of cycling a day to doing almost an hour and adding a prevention ab workout to that... today I even started running again today. I can feel myself getting stronger (though I've been sore constantly). I'm trying to remain positive because my pants are tight and I've gained 2-3lbs. But I've started eating less fat, more fiber and protein and keeping around 1700 calories a day. I'm proud of myself, and with eating healthier I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY eating all day and most days I go to bed feeling full and still have like 100-200 calories left over. My thighs are beginning to look strong and I can now do the ab workout and get all the way through it... where as when i started out I could do maybe 1/4 of it!  I just wanted to share because i was discussing with the women i work with how people just assume that the scale is what they want to go by, but if you're exercising and building muscle sometimes the muscle you build cannot burn the fat as fast as you add muscle. I'm just proud i'm sticking with it (and allowing myself one sweet snack a day thanks to cookinglight and eatingwell). 

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    that is awesome!!! I love seeing posts like this!
    We just stopped preventing January 2013! I use a tablet so please forgive my auto correct! :)
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    You go girl!
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    I have been working out like crazy but do not even own a scale. The best way to know I'm losing weight is by trying on my dress. When i bought it, it was a bit too small. Now it fits but not comfortably. Got to lose a little more but its just all the more reason to keep going!!!
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    Good job!  Just make sure you allow yourself 1 full day of rest a week.  Recovery is just as important in an exercise plan as the exercise its self.  Your mucles need time to repair themselves!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    saturdays off from the diet and Sundays are just a long relaxing walk with the FH!
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