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Workout Accountability: Wednesday

Morning ladies!

It's probably my last day on here until early SeptemberI'm going to miss you all!

Eating was terrible again yesterday. Ice cream and lobster nachos. Today is my mom's birthday so it's probably also going to be a little rough. At least my workouts are on track and I made some lemon, cucumber, mint water to help keep my body sane through all of the poor food intake. Lunches and breakfasts have been healthy, but I think the evening food damage is more than compensating for it.
Tomorrow is my rd and very last day of p90x, recovery week and all. Wohoo!

Have a GREAT few weeks ladies and keep on kicking butt and taking names!

Re: Workout Accountability: Wednesday

  • Lobsters, you must be so excited! Enjoy every minute, don't stress about the eating - you'll get back on track again after the craziness of wedding week is over!

    Elliptical again for me today (as well as garage construction), but FI and I have booked a round of golf for tomorrow morning. No carts for us! We've played fairly often this summer, on several different courses, and have not yet rented carts.

    Had friends over for supper last night: grilled steak, salad, rice and grilled corn on the cob - very summery fare. I'm not a drinker, but am trying to like an occasional glass of wine. Last night I had a glass of red, and sparkling water for the rest of the evening. Doing better with the soft drink trap, and am not enjoying it as much as I used to. That's a good thing.

    Now, if I could only find a weight/resistance workout that I enjoy enough to add to the elliptical program.

    Less than two weeks until we're both back to work, and then begins another new routine to get used to.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!
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  • Have fun Lobsters!! I'm sure it will be an amazing time!

    My evening last night wasn't great food wise or exercise wise.  And I have a massage tonight.  I don't like to exercise after a massage, but I might do some weights.  I have my final fitting tomorrow, so I want to look good. 
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  • Good morning! Yesterday was a rest day, but I still managed to get 10,000 steps in. They're repaving the parking lot at work, so I had to park about a half mile away from my building, then I had to go downtown at lunch to get my marriage license and again had to park pretty far away.

    Tonight should be a gym night but I'm starting to stress out over all the stuff that still needs to get done before next weekend. If I do go to the gym it will be a very short gym session.
  • Lobsters, I hope you have a blast :)  Everything will be perfect and don't worry about the eatin... two days wont kill it.  You better post pics of the wedding in a few weeks!

    I didn't work out yesterday, time just didn't allow it.  I'm hoping to go for a run or do something tonight.  I had tacos last night and a TON of tortilla chips so I need to focus a little better on eating and avoiding super salty foods, etc.  
  • Hi Ladies!

    I did fairly well yesterday!  My eating was actually better than the day ice cream which is totally my weakness!  I did insanity and plan on doing it again tonight!  I have found that if I work out with someone else, I actually try harder!  Because of this, I have started working out with my cousin.  I hope everyone has a great day!
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  • Lobsters have fun and can't wait to see photos when you get back. Yesterday we went to a Mariners game we ate at home which was good. I only had a slice of pizza at the game and chocolate covered strawberries. Considering I burned about 700 calories on my commute I still ended up in target. Today is a weight day and pork carnitas for dinner. I love our crock pot.

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  • Have an amazing day, Lobsters! I'm finally back after a shakeup few weeks. I was getting back into it after my trip home but then H, the kiddo and I all caught a nasty bug. Today I'm going to go to the afternoon bootcamp class and have started off eating well so far.
  • yesterday I had a piece of pumpkin cake that I shouldn't have had but oh well. today I started on week 6 day 2 of C25K-i literally started today bc my future sister in law and I decided we would run the Komen walk on my wedding day. She is a runner I have always wanted to be a runner so I took the challenge to run a 5k in 6 1/2 weeks plus on my wedding day-i must be crazy but I a excited. Hopefully food today will be good :) 
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  • Hey guys,

    Congrats to everyone with their big days this weekend or coming up so soon!

    I have been MIA for a while, FI has been hospitalized in ICU-turns out he was un diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic, he went into advanced stage acid ketosis and his internal organs started to shut down. The hospital told me we literally had hours before his lungs would have collapsed and his liver and kidneys failed. CRAZY!  Needless to say my workouts have not happened. I did my best with food ( I brought my own food from home most days) Now I am working on a balancing act of working out, taking care of FI ( he is home now but limited) and I started back at work today.
    For now I think I am going to stick with running as I can do it in 30-40 mins so I am not away from home for too long. I am so happy that we are putting this ordeal behind us and moving forward!

    Sorry for the long winded post, I really did miss you guys!
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  • Lobsters, I'll miss reading your posts, but congrats on the wedding in 2 days and have a blast! I hope you'll post a few pictures when you get back :)

    Souptin, omg! I'm glad your FI got the care he needed when he did, that is very scary. Happy to hear that he is at home and getting slowly better.

    Today I'm going running or on a bike ride. I haven't decided yet. But it's gonna happen, no excuse not to, I have the whole day and evening off. Today's goal - clean eating. FFIL ordered chinese food last night for dinner (and Wox Box which is basically chinese food the night before). My body is in shock. This needs to end!

    Have a good day everyone!
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  • Souptin - so sorry to hear about your FI's health issues! I hope it all works out okay. I hear drastic changes in diet can really help people with diabetes, might be worth looking into!
  • Holy cow, Souptin - glad to hear that he's on the mend. Sounds like a scary time, but you're through the worst of it.

    Agree with kw - take care of yourself too, it will make you better able to take care of him. It's so easy to put ourselves last, but you do need to carve out a little time for you. Sounds like you're doing just that.

    Good luck - I've got my fingers crossed that he's doing better and that you are staying strong!
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:238Discussion:58bc80d1-38f3-4015-9d09-65f992847161Post:a93bfd4f-f2f7-445f-9659-62137031bd34">Re: Workout Accountability: Wednesday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Souptin - so sorry to hear about your FI's health issues! I hope it all works out okay. <strong>I hear drastic changes in diet can really help people with diabetes, might be worth looking into!
    </strong>Posted by entropicbeauty[/QUOTE]

    Thanks guys! You are all so supportive.

    Entropic, for FI diet changes wont matter much. FI has type 1 which is basically a genetic issue, his pancreas has crapped out and wont ever come back to make the insulin his body needs. It has most likely been in his body his entire life and  was just dormant until something caused his pancreas to just give up. They told us he could be in Olympic athlete shape and this would still have happened. Type 2 diabetics can see major success with diet and exercise as the primary cause of type 2 is poor lifestyle choices.

    The encouraging news is the specialist diabetes team told us that what we do as far as food and exercise is totally on target to what we should be doing. We had very minor tweeks  to our standard diet ( spreading out carbs and even adding more in) if we are successful in maintaining our current lifestyle FI *should* never have any complications as a result of the diagnosis.

    It really to me means that staying accountable no longer negotiable.  FIs life and the length of it now depend on it.
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  • Souptin - I'm so sorry to hear about your FI.  Make sure you take care of yourself too!

    Lobsters - Have an amazing wedding!  It will be fantastic!

    I had a really crappy day.  I found out today that the 2 thyroid nodules that the doctor felt are confirmed.  They also did some blood tests, and even though it wasn' t on the radar, I was also diagnosed with Celiac's today!  I don't know how much more I can handle.  In any case, when I got home from the doctor, I was pretty upset and didn't want to work out, but tomorrow is my birthday so I decided I really should work out today so I don't feel worse tomorrow.  I did boot camp and FI actually joined me.  I'm happy that he finally saw firsthand how hard I am working!
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