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Printed Announcement Envelopes or Written?

Is it ok to print the name and address on the outer envelope of my announcements?  As you know, we went to Vegas and are only sending out announcements to everyone, so there isn't an inner envelope or anything like that.  Or, is that considered a faux pas and it should be hand written?


Re: Printed Announcement Envelopes or Written?

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    I think it's okay but that's just me. I don't know about the etiquette rules.
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    Did I miss your recap/pictures, or did I see them and I'm just not remembering?

    Re your question, I think the etiquette rules are the same as for invitations, which says that handwritten is best. But, I know that several girls on this board used labels for return and/or mailing addresses and there were no disastrous etiquette repercussions :)

    I mainly went the handwritten route because there were people (family members) that I knew would notice and care about something like that. Looking back, I should've handwritten for the family members, and printed labels for our friends who I know wouldn't have cared!
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    I have not posted a "hey I'm married, this is how it went" post yet.  The day after we got back from Vegas we had to attend a viewing for my cousin and then her funeral was the next day.  Turn around and it was the weekend and we had my husband's kids which meant driving half way to Houston Friday to get them and turning around Sunday to take them back.  This week every day after work I have done something regarding getting my name changed.  My head is still spinning and DESPERATELY wanting to get back into my normal schedule!!!

    So, I promise to post very soon! :)

    I was thinking of printing directly on the envelopes (pending they go through my printer) or getting the clear labels.  My thought is that it is an envelope that will get thrown away, so does it really matter that it is handwritten.  I just don't think anyone will notice and if they do, they can get over it!  LOL
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    I'm sorry about your cousin, Maryann. :(

    And that the stress didn't immediately disappear after the wedding! The only stress I have is the wedding TY notes (and those same relatives of mine will notice if they're not done, done well, and done in a proper amount of time ... eek, pressure).
    A good halfway point might be to use a font that looks sort of like handwriting -- but make sure it's really readable so the post office doesn't have a problem with it. I think that's what I've heard a bunch of girls do as kind of a compromise.

    Can't wait to hear how it went! Especially since I'm going to Vegas for the first time soon. Not for a wedding, but whatev. Feel free to throw in any Vegas tips for me! 
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