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Workout Accountability: Monday

Good morning ladies!

Surprised no one else has gotten to this yet.

Friday I did 65 minutes on my stationary bike (too many errands to do and my gym closes early on Fridays so I had to work out at home- frustrating)

Saturday I went to the gym for body pump, then I did 30 minutes on the ellpitical. DH and I also got a round of disk golf in later in the day. Not as sore from body pump as I have been in the past, so I think I'm making progress.

Yesterday was a pretty overall lazy day...slept till noon, took a nap around 3:30...don't know why I was so exhausted! We did drag ourselves to the park to play some disk golf though. Only got 6,000 steps for the day.

Tonight I am going to try and get DH to go to body combat with me, then if I can get a round of some weightlifting afterwards I'd be happy.

Now you go :)

Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • Did my usual cardio this weekend, eating was on track. But I'm really tired all the time, and when I do go to bed I toss and turn.

    I did work around the house as well this weekend, and am converting an old dresser into an entertainment centre for the living room. It's almost done.

    Still struggling to find the time to create a workout, so I'm sticking to the dvds in addition to the cardio. This week I have two evening meetings, and may have to go out of town this weekend (although I'm working on getting out of that - I'm such a homebody)! It's been three weeks of me trying to make a plan, and three weeks of me not getting to it.

    *sigh If only pounds and inches disappeared as fast as my time!

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  • this weekend was so-so. eating was not the best but not terrible. i didnt get much exercise in though unfortunately. friday i did a walk with a coworker, saturday i went to the Pitt football game so walked around a little bit there, and yesterday we went to see our friend with twin 4 year old girls! unfortunately they stayed in one area so there wasnt much running after them.

    today i am headed to step class, as long as the actual instructor is teaching this time and not the sub. i need to kick it into gear now though, ive been back sliding a little bit and have my fitting 3 weeks from today!
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  • It feels pretty weird that I'm the third person to post... I don't think that's ever happened!

    This weekend was good foodwise, didn't do much exercise but the scale was still kind this morning when I weighed in at 169.4! Super exciting! I love breaking into that next 10. This means that I'm now down 40.6, and 2/3's of the way to my goal! Yay!

    Today I'm planning on walking home from the LRT after school, but that's about it for exercise. Food will be good, and going grocery shopping tonight :)

    Have a good day everyone!
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  • Sarah5200 ~Congrats on your breakthrough!

    Friday I did 1.5 miles on the elliptical which is great for me since I was never a runner.. ever.  I wanted to quit two minutes into it but I pushed through and I am so glad that I did!  Saturday FI and I took DD into NYC and we walked about 5 or 6 miles and then Sunday we didn't do much but DD insisted on being carried all day and she is 30lbs so my arms are feeling it a little today.  Food wise it wasn't that great but I wasn't horrible either.  Tonight we have a meeting with the priest so no time for the gym but I am planning on doing some crunches and push ups at home.
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  • Eating this weekend wasn't the healthiest, but at least reined in my beer drinking enough to stay within my calorie goals. 

    Ran 5 miles on Saturday, then went to an outdoor music festival, ended up parking TWO miles away, so by the end of the day, had walked/run 9 miles, not counting the walking in the festival. Getting way too old to do stuff like that, so needless to say, the most activity I did on Sunday was housework (of which, I did the bare minimum). 

    Taking the  dog for a short run tonight. 
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  • Congrats Sarah5200!

    This weekend was not so good for me. Did well on Friday, eating, exercise, all.

    Saturday not so great. Went to a family bbq and ate too much and tried to play some frisbee, but way too hot.

    Sunday I thought I did well, but then I was off again on the food. Got a good long walk in though.

    So, back on track today. Eating is better when at work. Not as much accessible. Then I have regular workouts during the week. (Do usually on the weekend too, but due to family thing didn't go this past one. Looking forward to this one.).

    I found I also miss the check-ins on the weekend! Good to see you all this morning.
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  • That's awesome Sarah! It feels so good to bust through the next ten, you're absolutely right.
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