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Hello Everyone!
I am starting the couch to 5k program this week. I was wondering if anyone has gone through and completed the program and what type of results you saw (weight, energy level, etc)?? Let me know what you thought! Any feedback would be great!
Thanks! Mindy
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  • I did it!  I always wanted to "be a runner" of sorts and had the mentality of "I can run a mile!  Everyone can run a mile."  Then I'd fail and be cranky about it. 

    The C25K program gets you running over two miles (I was around 2.7 miles) by the end.  I've succesfully increased my mileage and, once I get over a small injury, I'm moving on to the Bridge to the 10K.

    That being said, I started the program and for nearly a month I didn't change my eating habits at all.  My weight didn't change and I looked exactly the same.  I then decided to better my eating habits (calorie tracking, cleaner food) and used the running as my exercise.

    Nearly three months later and I'm still running 3x a week, lost about 6 pounds (which is all I needed), and notice more definition in my legs/bum.  I'm so glad I got into running and eating better.  Starting is the hardest part!
  • How does the couch to 5k program work? I'd love to start running!
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    Google it! 

    Basically it is a run/walk running program that is 3x a week for nine weeks.  You follow the program on your own either running a treadmill or outside.

    Each week you are adding more running and removing less walking so as to gradually build up your endurance.  For example, week one has you do 60 second jog / 90 second walk for twenty minutes.

    You go at your pace (who cares what speed "walking" is vs "running") and work through the program.  If you need to repeat a week because you feel like you hadn't mastered it, that's fine! 

    By the end, you are running 30 minutes straight, which is close to running a full 5K (3.1 miles).  At the end, I could run 3.1 miles in 34 minutes.  I've gradually cut that down to 32 minutes.

    EDIT: I'm not counting warm ups and cool downs in my distances.
  • I did most of it.  My H (then FI) and I started in, I think, week 2 and then got to, I think, week 6 or 7.  We did that because there was a 5k I wanted to run at that point in the program.

    I really loved it.  I always thought that I hated running and that I couldn't do it, but the gradual increase in the running really helped. 

    By the time we finished, including the warm-up and cool down walks, we were going 5k.
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  • Thanks, everyone! That is really helpful! I know i will have to some strength training, as well, to see the results I would like to. But I wanted to get an idea of how the program went for everyone else. Thanks for sharing!
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