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Workout Accountability: Thursday

I slacked a little last night.  I only did 30 minutes of my dvd as opposed to 50.  And then FI brought home ice cream. Damn.

I'm lifting tonight and doing the elliptical.  I may do a short run too since I'm not sure when I'll be able to fit in a run these next couple days.  

How did everyone else do?
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Re: Workout Accountability: Thursday

  • I did 60 minutes of light cardio...was going to do free weights but ended up skipping them to help FI cut up veggies for dinner.

    Tonight is gym night!
  • I lifted weights, did some squats, abs, and got 16 (I know not long at ALL) minutes in on the elliptical.  The program I did on it was pretty intense and I only had a small window of time but at least it was something!

    My belly is acting up today ... I swear if it isn't one thing, it is another.  I'm hoping if my stomach issues calm down then I will do some cardio at the gym tonight.  **fingers crossed**
  • Good morning! It's supposed to go up to 60 today, so of course, the students broke out their mini skirts, t-shirts, and capris.

    Last night, I did an iFit workout for the treadmill (20 mins, power walking, steep incline) and then my first day of Ripped in 30 Week Four. Apparently Jillian wanted me to "gargle my heart in my throat." Um, OK. It was tough, though, no doubt.

    Tonight I'm doing Day 3 of C25K and Ripped in 30. Have a great day everyone!

    And lbarr, ginger always helps my stomach, especially candies. <--click

    Have a great day everyone!
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  • I did end up lifting last night for about 30 minutes when I got home from work. I really just wanted to make sure I did something because I was going out to dinner with a couple of friends and I didn't want to feel horribly guilty. I did my best to pick something healthy but 2 glasses of wine probably cancelled that out. This morning I went to spin. Our instructor announced she won't be doing the Thursday morning class anymore. I was kind of sad because I like her, but my cousin's girlfriend, who was our sub last week, is now going to be the Thurs morning instructor so I am super excited for that. Her ride last time was really tough, so I am looking forward to being able to push myself even more!

    lbarr - Oh no! I hope you feel better!! I hate that feeling - one thing after another. It's almost more stressful than anything else.

    lizzie - I am so jealous of your 60 degree weather! It's like 30 here lol.

    Nice job everyone!! Happy Thursday :)
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  • Today is lifting, and I might have time for some eliptical! Or maybe I'll do my plank exercises...
  • maribeth- how do you like lifting?  I remember you said you were hesitant to do weights, how's it going for you?

    I am supposed to run 10 miles tonight.  Argh.  I had to take my dog to the vet last night because he tore his paw pad and I was worried it would get infected.  I got home super late because of that, so I slept through yoga class this morning.  I wanted to get to work at 8am so I can leave at 4:30 to get that 10 miles in, but now I have to stay until 5 tonight so it looks like I'll be running in the dark :(  Oh well, I have a good headlamp & a reflective vest, I'm sure it will be ok.  Oh, and his paw will be ok too- just needs to keep it bandaged & dry for a week.
  • Last night was another High & Tight workout followed by an Ab routine.  It went well, I was able to hold out longer than the last time.  Tonight is the sculpting routine, which I'm still sore from doing on Monday.  What I find odd is that my ribcage is sore on my sides and around to my back.  I know that is a good thing because it will help tighten the area where my dress hits my back, but it is still really odd to me. :)
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  • Nice job ladies :)

    Maribeth, I'm also curious how the weight lifting is going for you.

    Lizzie, I should DEFINITELY look into those.  
  • I didn't do anything yesterday. I was just too tired- I showered when I got home from work and relaxed on the couch. I *should* get to the gym today. I've just been lazy these past couple of days. My first fitting is on March 9th so you think that would be some motivation, right?!

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    [QUOTE]<strong>Last night was another High & Tight workout</strong> followed by an Ab routine.  It went well, I was able to hold out longer than the last time.  Tonight is the sculpting routine, which I'm still sore from doing on Monday.  What I find odd is that my ribcage is sore on my sides and around to my back.  I know that is a good thing because it will help tighten the area where my dress hits my back, but it is still really odd to me. :)
    Posted by dawnie204[/QUOTE]

    Ahh, I take it you're doing the Brazil Butt LIft as well?!  I'm on night 6 of week 2 and I'm loving it and already seeing results.

    That said, tonight I will be doing Sculpt, and possibly throwing in (depending on time) a lower body step routine.  If time doesn't allow for a whole 45 minute workout, I'm pretty sure I can fit in 10-15 minutes on the stairclimber.
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  • Ok, on the lifting. I am into it I think. I like the feeling that I'm getting stronger. I do feel like the time goes a little slower though, maybe that's just because I'm not used to it. I have been trying to move quickly between exercises, which isn't hard since I have been doing the lifting at home with free weights and a stability ball I bought with a groupon haha. I really want to expand the lifting I am doing though, so I am not always doing the same things. I think I have a good variety I am just worried about getting stuck, you know? It's only been about a week and I feel like I can feel a difference. It might be in my head, since I don't even know if that's possible lol. I measured myself this AM after spin and I have lost 1/2 an inch. I know that is not much but I hope that means I am starting to make progress again.

    Medi - your poor pup :( Awww. I hope her/his paw heals very soon!!
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  • Workout fail this morning - I slept through my two alarms and missed boot camp class.  I'm still on track overall, though, and have only missed one other weekday workout in February.  And, I measured today and have lost 4 inches in the past month, primarily around my waist/muffin top area.
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  • Knowing all you girls are working out and fitting exercise into your busy schedules is such excellent motivation for me!

    Yesterday I ended up running 6.2 miles! My farthest in a long long time! It was a good run, but after the 2 miles up a giant hill it started getting super windy and then freezing rain started in! It was kind of a mess but I ended feeling really good!

    I think I will do one of the 30D shred routines this evening, and maybe the elliptical for a short time or I might take the day off to recover- I'll have to see!

    Medi- I hope your pups paw recovers quickly. My dog runs with me and would be so sad to have a torn pad.
  • xmansmommy -- Yes!  That is what I'm doing!!  I really love it!  I especially like that he reminds you to breathe.  I know that sounds silly, but I hold my breath sometimes without realizing it. 
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  • This is my first time posting in the workout accountability, so HELLO! 

    I have been dieting - and when I say diet I mean eating super healthy and counting calories - for two months now and haven't lost much.  I tell myself every day that I am going to work out, and never do.  So today I finally started!  woohoo!  I didn't do much... I took my dog for a 2.5 mile/40 minute brisk walk/some jogging.  I figure it's better than nothing!  I am hoping I can keep it up over the weekend!  :)
  • Was feeling pretty proud of myself for two reasons. 1) Fiancee brought home a slice of this chocolate raspberry cake from Whole Foods and for the first time.... I didn't take a bite. This is huge for me because I usually give in to the sweets (we both have big sweet tooths). I figured it was late at night and I had done so well on my clean eating yesterday that I didn't want to indulge too much... especially since we've got the shower this weekend. 2) made it back to the gym today after all the moving and settling in to the new home and did a great 30 minute circuit where I was able to squat 225 and bench 135. I felt super strong!! Followed it up with a 30 minute session on the eliptical. Setting the alarm early tomorrow morning to sneak in a run before we make the drive to up north for the shower.

    Great job on the workouts ladies!

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  • Last night we went to the gym and did our weights and C25K.

    Last night was the first day of week 3 for C25K... Ouch! I definitely wanted to give up on the first 3 minute jog - but I am so proud of myself that I didn't! Managed to do the whole thing :) This week was the first week that my leg muscles were starting to get sore, in the first two weeks it was just being extremely out of breath and feeling like my heart was going to fall out of my chest - lol. I just tell myself that with every step my legs are getting a little bit better looking, helps me push through the muscle fatigue!

    Today is rest day, so just a 30 minute moderately paced walk with the dog.

    Good job everyone! :)
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