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Has it been introduced yet? I had tried it when it was the original PointsPlus and it was just way too many points for me and didn't lose at all. I read that if you were stuck at 29 you can move down to 26? Just curious what people thought about the new program. Thinking of rejoining next week. Wedding Countdown Ticker

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    This is the most recent post regarding WW points:

    Sorry i can't be more helpful but I don't do the program myself although my sister has been having great results since starting a month or two ago
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    Thank you!! Wedding Countdown Ticker
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    I just re-signed up for WW this morning....I've got 4 months to go til my wedding and I'm not getting anywere by myself! Time to get my head on straight. I was wondering about the newest changes I heard about. I'll have to wait until I go to my first meeting. Good luck everyone!
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    I was at 29, and it took me down to 26.  I decided to stick wtih 29, since it was working for me. 
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    as an employee of WW (and a success story myself) I can tell you that the new program ISN'T really a new program I tell my members that we simply EDITED PP2011 and are now presenting you with what we hope to be the final draft in PP2012.  The only change is for those members at 29 points. You ARE allowed to stay at 29 if you like but if your numbers crunch out to be 26 dpt you can work with that.  In fact similar to the way we allowed you to choose between simply filling or tracking points you can adjust your points on a day to day basis if you like.  Say one day you get in a bit more activity or go out to dinner and 29 works better for you, then eat 29 pts. If you aren't feeling as hungry and can get by with 26 dpt then do that (Warning the etools won't keep track appropriately if you switch points several times throughout the week it may take pts away from your weekly or activity).  

    Personally I love love love the new points plus (I lost all my weight on a prior points program like 5 yrs ago but lost an additional 7lbs by doing points plus for a month and a half back in the spring)
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