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Body Pump Class

Has anyone ever tried it? I'm going to my first Body Pump class tonight, and I watched a video about it online and it looks pretty cool!

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    I'm starting this too! Yay! I went to my first class last week and although I struggled a bit, I loved it! I'm new to weights in general and the guided structure of the class is really helpful to me. I have a class in a couple hours actually.

    My only advice is to really take the time to do some static stretches after the class. Especially your quads! I was very sore for a few days because I didn't take enough time to stretch. Have fun!

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    My friend just took a class yesterday.  She said it kicked her butt but she loved it!

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    I went to them a few times last year.  As someone who really hates lifting, it was a good way to make myself do it.  I eventually stopped going because (as I said) I hate lifting, lol.  I'd rather be running!  But it was a fun class and you can make it pretty challenging for yourself.  Have fun!
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    I don't have it at my current gym but I loved it. I don't think it replaces lifting heavy though. If you are new, you may want to meet with the instructor to clear your form ahead of class.
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    I do BodyPump regularly, and as others mentioned above, it doesn't replace heavy weigh-lifting - but it is also more of a cardio workout than static free weights or the machines. You are doing what equates to a circuit pattern, with few pauses in between reps, so it will definitely get your heart rate going. My big caveats are to not push yourself too hard at first with higher poundage -- you can choose the weights you want, usually a set of lighter and a set of heavier weights that you switch between -- so don't immediately start with 10 pounds as your "low weights" and 15 or 20 as your high. You'll max out instantly and feel like you're dying. Think about what will be difficult but doable after 20-40 reps and choose that. As you build up endurance and get used to the classes, you can up the weight poundage.
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    Oh, I *love* Body Pump, but I moved and my new gym doesn't have it.

    Ditto PPs, talk to the instructor beforehand for some tips, and don't overdo it on weights at first.  I used to go twice a week (my gym offered it Mon/Wed evenings), and this class plus spinning once a week totally transformed my body in about 2 months.  I think the trick is to keep pushing yourself.  If it starts to feel too easy with a particular amount of weight, add more. 
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    I'm going tonight at 7pm for the second time! Last week I was sore for 5 days! I'm hoping I'll drop to 4 this time!

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    Great class! My gym is 80% LesMills classes. BodyPump is great for muscle endurance (something you don't get with heavy lifting) and it's a great class to incorporate on a weekly basis. Plus the soundtracks are fun and make the class go by quickly :) Hope you enjoyed it! 
    P.S. I'm certified to teach a few LesMills classes so if you have questions about any others, let me know :)
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