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AW Pictures of whatever

Heather said to AW pics of the hair and I wanted to make sure everyone had a good Monday so I did my furbabies too!!

New haircut. Was long... Layered it.

Charlie Brown before his surgury Thursday!

Fi (Joey) and I cheezing it up a week ago at a bar

My FI's very dramatic, annoying mean cat who I love !! Shes crazy but she loves me.

Last one is my new shoes I am IN LOVE WITH!!!!!

Send me pics and lets start this week off right!!!

Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

Re: AW Pictures of whatever

  • Love you hair cut, Nike!

    Here is FI and I snowmobiling a couple years ago.

    Here is my engagement ring.

    I want it to be summer so we can go riding.
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  • Heather, your ring is beautiful!!!

    I miss snow!

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • Cute hair Nike! and I've always wanted to go snowmobiling Heather! Looks like fun!

    Here's FI and I at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. We were there visiting some friends on December.

    Here's FI shoveling snow last week. I wasn't kidding when I said we got 11 inches!! 

    Here's Meaty watching TV last weekend. There were puppies crying on a show, and he got up and ran over to the TV. Cutie!

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  • Libby, you and FI are soo cute!!!!
    Meaty is a sweetie!! Adorable

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • @Nike - Great haircut! I also love your new shoes :)

    @Heather - Do you go up north for your snowmobiling etc? Doesn't seem like there's many places immediately surrounding Detroit to do those kind of activities.

    @Libby - Holy snow! People always say Michigan gets hit hard, but this year I feel like we've sort of lucked out.
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    Entropic: FI's parents have a cabin near Traverse City and his grandparents live there too. So we head up there for snowmobiling.  That's where we go in the summer too (for dirt biking and boating).

    ETA: I think that photo is from the U.P., not traverse area. 
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  • lovelyheatherlovelyheather member
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    Libby: your dog is too cute! 
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  • Heather - Ah! I thought as much. My aunt lives really far north in the U.P. and I used to visit her every summer. It's been a while! Traverse City is beautiful though :)

    Here's a pic of some signage I did recently. I still get all AW when I see my stuff in stores.
  • Entropic: Wait, you design signage for Meijer? That is awesome!  I love Meijer!
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  • I can not confirm or deny that Heather ;-)

    Guess I should have cropped the wayfinding sign at the top out.

    Heather your ring is beautiful!  

    And I miss snow.. Today we just have flash flood and tornado warnings.. boooo!!! 

    Nike the haircut looks great! And the pic of you and Fi is adorable haha such goofs :) 

    awww pictures make me soooo happy :) 

  • OMG... I MISS Meijer!!!!!! I miss Mi..... I miss "home" SOOO much fun!!

    Thanks everyone for the haircut love!!
    First timer, we are goofs. He is hilarious. I lucked out with him!!

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • Nike - I didn't realize you were from Michigan! Did you already tell the story of why you moved down to Florida?

  •  The face I wake up to everyday.. bahahaha This is what happens when you let him have the camera. (Skiing in WA)

     What I am missing most about WA right now.. This is Greenlake and when you take the kayaks/paddboards/canoes/whatever out on it you can see the entire city. Sooo beautiful

     teehehehehe silly seeker.. 

     Our favorite thing to do.. We are HUGE wine people.. It happens when you are from the West Coast (that or beer.. Beer is a big thing in the PNW since almost all the hops in the US are grown in Washington State). 

  • Yes, Nike, tell us your moving story!  My sister and my parents have all moved to FL, I'm the only one left in MI. 
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  • Oh, FTL, I love the doggie! I have a border collie/lab who stayed with DS, and I miss them BOTH so much it hurts! Henry (the doggie) was my walking/skiing'hiking buddy)...

    Love the hair Nike!

    Pics - yay - great way to fix the Monday blahs!
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  • Clover, I love the ring and forks!!! SUPER CUTE!!!!!
    Frst timer, I love the pics!!! Fi is a huge winey. We went to Napa in aug two yrs ago and did Mondavi tour (his favorite) and with the twilight tour, 20 people max and all you can drink for an hour!!! Super fun!!! 

    Girls, I was born and raised in Niles, Mi. Southwest corner about 10 min from Indiana!! I was the person who would go to Notre Dame and tailgate then come home and watch the game. I worked at Martin's for four years and MISS the muffins! 
     I moved to Fl when I was 12 with my mom, dad stayed in Mi. (They are divorced) About 15 years old, I moved back to Mi. to be with my dad and brother and Nephew. When I turned 18, I recieved a text message from a extremely old friend who I proceded to talk to for 2 months... My brother was taking a trip to FL and I wanted to tag along. The friend I was talking to ended up being my now fiance and once we met, I never left back to Mi. My dad sold all my stuff and brought me the little bit I needed. I knew he was the man I would marry in two weeks... Five years later, I was right. My whole family besides one brother is in Fl.  

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • Stage,  Love the cruiser!!!
    Your elf is adorable!!! Cranky but super cute

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • Kwith, I made sure not to use pintrest since its blocked from your computer at work. I wish your pic would load... It will not load on my computer.

    I am loving the AW pics as well!!!

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • The wedding band I cannot wait to wear and my Ering. Last one.

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • it is a nice change... I was growing mine out so when  I got married, I could do anything I wanted to it... Cut it or keep it long but with no wedding plans in site, I figured leap into it now. I love pixie cuts but I could never pull that off.
    Thank you

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

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