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I love going for walks and want to get into running, but I feel that I run for a minute and I am done.  I was a big softball player so there wasnt much running but from base to base.

Any help on how I can boost my stamina (sp?)
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Re: Runners

  • Couch to 5K is a great program and highly recommended by lots of ladies on here. I went from barely being able to run for a minute, to now running a 5K!
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    I'm pretty sure about a dozen people are going to respond with "try C25K!" They wouldn't be wrong.  (Just google it.)

    ETA: Ha! Trixie beat me to it. And nnow you don't even have to google it.
  • Interval training, then shorten the intervals as it seems to become easier.  I know that's what's worked for me.
  • Thanks Ladies, I just printed the C25K and plan on starting it tonight!
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  • I'll tell you the great thing about Couch2 5k -- I am a body heavy, shorty short non-athletic girl who assumed I was just not built to be a runner. My sister took up Couch 2 5k and loved it so I tried it. Since July 10th, I have lost 24 pounds from running 30 minutes, 3 times a week and changing my diet. I eat what I want and live a full, active life. Just so happens I'm athletic, toned and look better than I ever have -- at 34 years old!!! 

    Stick with it and find a buddy to do it with you. My fiance id it with me. He gave it up when the weather got colder, but I moved inside and I LOVE what I pushed myself to accomplish!
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  • You can also get the Couch to 5 K app if you have a smart phone and it talks you thru the process. Love it! GOOD LUCK!
  • I was going to recommend C25K as well.  Yay, originality!

    Seriously, though.  It works.
  • Also, there are podcasts on ITunes -- free ones. I forgot to tell you that's how I got through it. 
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    If you have a local running store, see if they have any sort of running clinic. In my experience, the good running stores are pretty good about helping you, not trying to sell you everything in the store. A friend of mine signed up for a "Good Form Running Clinic" through our local store recently, and he said that afterward he ran better and longer than he ever has.
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