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Getting in Shape

Workout Accountability: Monday

Good morning, hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I ran 5 miles Friday, took Saturday and Sunday off but at least walked a ton both days.  I did get practically a whole new wardrobe, so that felt great!
Tonight I am lifting and doing the elliptical.

Goal for the week: Eating as cleanly as possible. 
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Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • Lobsters25Lobsters25 member
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    Morning!  How was everyone's birthday celebrations?

    I slept in this morning, after not working out and nonstop poor eating all weekend.  Major fail, but it was a wonderful weekend.  FI and I are flat out exhausted.
    The fitting went pretty well - I'm liking the fit but feel I could lose another inch or two to be really happy.  I absolutely hate how the back is looking right now, but I think that has more to do with my poor posture. 
    Photo share time! (my adorable mom is with me):

    This week I'm just going to focus on getting back to my normal healthy foods-we already tossed the rest of the cake, and try to catch up on sleep.  I'll workout when energy permits, but will get fully back on track after next weekend (where we have a houseguest coming and FI is running his race - so sleep will be lacking once again!)
  • kpdorrkpdorr member
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    Awesome Jude! I have been shopping way too much lately!

    I took Friday off, ran 3 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday!!! I am ready for the 15K!! Today is an off day but I have to mow the lawn so no sitting around!

    Goals this week are to drink 48 oz of water at work everyday and to stay in my calorie goal every day, no exceptions!
    ETA: Lobsters! I love your dress, you look amazing and your mom is super cute!!
  • Good morning!  Hope the birthdays went well! 

    This weekend wasn't fabulous.  I did paint for several hours Saturday, so that counted as my exercise.  I was so tired yesterday that I didn't go to the gym.  Back at it today!
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  • This weekend was pretty bad for working out.  My stomach has been all out of sorts lately.  I DID however go on a bunch of walks :)  This week I really need to start getting back into running and my regular workouts because I have a race in under a month AND my first alterations appointment in just over a month.  It's crunch time!
  • Lobsters - love the picture of you and your Mom! You look great!

    Jude - I am glad you had fun birthday shopping!

    I worked out Saturday. I had to go super early, right when the gym opened, because I was going dress shopping with my FMIL in the early morning. I only got in a 45 minute work out. I was struggling to get thru it, I dunno why. Sunday my best friend/MOH ran a half marathon so FI went to watch and give our support. She did awesome. This morning I tried the gym near my FI's house. I was super nervous to go. I hate wandering around trying to find everything, but I got in a really good work out.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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  • Lobsters you look GORGEOUS!!!  You look perfect even if you don't lose another ounce.  

    My birthday celebration was enough for me to almost skip working out yesterday!  LOL.  But I made it.  

    Saturday we took our spin/boot camp type of class, and Sunday we lifted quads & I took spin.  I took it really easy in spin though since I was a tad bit hungover!  

    This morning we lifted chest & triceps and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  

    This week's goal is to try to get a couple of "two-a-day" workouts in.  I did some last week and I felt good.  I'm almost at the 2-month out mark and I feel a real sense of urgency!  
  • Good morning, good morning!

    Glad your birthdays were good, Jude & Reggies! Lobsters, love the dress; especially the bottom! So pretty! lbarr, any idea on what is causing your tummy trouble??

    I haven't worked out since Tuesday...eeek! I am planning on doing No More Trouble Zones and some treadmill walking (or running depending on how I feel) tonight.

    The wedding this weekend was fun; I did dance a ton on Friday night, so I think I burned some calories there!

    This week's goal: Work out every day with the exception of Friday and drink two of my Babble H20 bottles every day.

    Great work everyone--have a great rest of your day!!
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  • Happy Monday! 

    My shower was on Saturday, so I indulged in both a cupcake and a cake (thankfully, my bridesmaids were sweet enough to make sure all of the savory snacks were very healthy). I was exhausted after the shower, so I skipped my workout that day. I did a longer workout Sunday (extra weight lifting sets) to help make up for it. 

    I am back to my normal weekly workout. Tonight is legs and abs weights, plus interval cardio.

    I am currently down 42 lbs, I would love to be down 45 by the end of this week!
  • Lizzie... I have no idea.  Sometimes it's gluten related, sometimes it's dairy related, and most of the time it's a big old I don't know.
  • Travelled this weekend so I didn't really have an opportunity to work out Friday thru Sunday. I ate OKAY on Friday and Sunday, but Saturday we went to Texas Roadhouse (where my nephew's father works) and we got a free meal (they gave us SO MUCH food). WAY over-ate on Saturday.

    Hoping to get a light workout in tonight, I'm just so exhausted today and have zero energy. I'd love to go back to bed.
  • Good Morning,

    My fiance and I have done Insanity which is a video work out that WORKS! Let me tell you- I was an athlete all through highschool and stayed pretty in shape and athletic and this is by far the hardest work out I have ever done and the fastest results! The trainer in the video - Shaun T is amazing he doesnt yell at you and scream he is actually really motivating.

    Anyway, we are starting it over today...love this program! 
  • Lobsters you look gorgeous!

    kpdorr, nice job, when is your race?

    lbarr: Maybe time to see a doctor if you haven't already? I'm sorry you're having stomach issues :(
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  • After a very indulging birthday weekend, needless to say I hit the gym very motivated today! Did the eliptical for 40 minutes on level 10 resistance, then did some ab work. I have a softball game tonight, so that should get me some more cardio. Going back to my ritual of not eating carbs after lunch and picking one day a week to eat whatever I want. 5lbs down, 5 more to go!

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  • The shake is so far so good ;)  Definitely not something to do long term.  I bought enough for lunches this week and then hopefully that will jump start my stomach into liking lunch again.  It's weird, I always have issues with lunch (or maybe I don't notice the aftermath of dinner because I'm sleeping).
  • Happy Monday!

    Today it's spin tonight and a 30-minute full body circuit. I'm really hoping to get back on track with diet and exercise so this week it's all about drinking lots of water (4 liters a day), consistently eating clean, and fitting in the gym 6 days this week. Today is day 1 of the new established goal. This time the weight loss goal is a long-term one (since I no longer have to worry about the dress) and I'll work to break up the long term goal into shorter goals. The first short goal is to drop 4 lbs in May and keep it off for good. :-)

    Have a great day everyone!
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  • kpdorrkpdorr member
    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_getting-shape_workout-accountability-monday-27?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:238Discussion:67a3515d-d5c0-4e79-8213-b3051518b289Post:413c3e33-514f-4bc2-866e-4269d2d9b9d5">Re: Workout Accountability: Monday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Lobsters you look gorgeous! kpdorr, nice job, when is your race? lbarr: Maybe time to see a doctor if you haven't already? I'm sorry you're having stomach issues :(
    Posted by heyjude23[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>It isn't until the Sunday after July 4th- I think like the 8th? It is only a 15K so I am def. ready- I knew I'd get off track a bit with the wedding and honeymoon, and I'm hoping to get PG soon after the wedding so I didn't want to be upping my activity- just maintaining.</div>
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