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My wedding is October 22nd, 2010. I had a baby 11/30/09, Im just now starting to even think about working out since I was soooo sleep deprived before! But now Im actually excited and motivated to do it, theres just not much time before the big day. I'd like to maybe start swimming. Whats the best workout?


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    One that you enjoy doing and are actually going to stick with!!!

    I mix it up a fair bit, but I get to the gym no less than five days a week. I do circuit training for 3 of those and cardio for two of those, or vice-versa depending on time, energy levels, etc. My cardio is pretty much whatever I feel like that day, sometimes HIIT (intervals on the treadmill), stairs, bike or elliptical. Then on weekends we usually end up doing something like a long walk, but nothing forced, because the second something starts feeling like a big chore then I'm not going to do it consistently.

    If swimming is something you enjoy then it's a great workout for you. I personally can't do exercise videos but it doesn't mean that people haven't had great success with them, they're just not for me.  
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    I agree with doing a variety of things that you know you'll stick with.  Swimming is a great total body workout if you have the stamina to do a full swimming workout.  If you like to swim and you have access to a pool with lanes, go for it!

    I mostly work out on my treadmill.  A few mornings a week I do an interval workout where I combine fast walking with sprinting.  Other days I'll work out after work doing a combination of different speeds and inclines to keep it interesting.  I like to watch TV (usually The Price Is RIght) while on the treadmill.  I have also done 30DS. 
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    Swimming is agreat workout there are other workouts out there that use allor most of ur muscles (running) but you may hate them so i agree w/ the others find a variety of things u like so that it won't get borning.
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    I agree- whatever you enjoy, do it! I personally like taking classes for cardio, you can take a variety of classes to mix things up (if you belong to a gym that offers that sort of thing). 

    Even if that's what you choose to do, I recently learned (from experience!) that weight training 100% works!! I always stayed away from weights at the gym, thinking they would make me bulk up. But actually, doing weights increases your muscle mass. Once you start building muscle, you're burning calories after your trip to the gym...I think for the next day or so...from doing nothing! I've been running and taking classes for about 4-5 years and since I started doing weights I see a HUGE change in my body for the better! I don't even do that much...usually about 20 minutes of cardio and 30 of weights.

    Just thought I'd share this piece of information- my fiancee shared it with me and it's helped a lot! Good luck!! :)

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    Like the others have said, you need to find something that you enjoy and you feel good about.  If you have bad joints or something, then consider that too. For me, I love spinning.  I'm by far the biggest girl in there, and am always proud that I can not only finish the class, but I can improve each time!  Good Luck!!
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