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This may be be a totally ridiculous question, but I've been looking into photographers.  I've found a couple I really like, but the prices for their wedding albums are so expensive.  Is it possible to have an album done some where else for cheaper, or do most people make their own? 


Re: Wedding Albums

  • There are plenty of places you can get albums made. I used mypublisher.com for our e-pics albums cause they always have deals. We are getting our wedding album from our photographer cause we want something a little nicer but it really depends on what you are looking for.
  • I made a professional quality album using somersetalbums.com.  I have a review and pictures in my married bio under DIY Album.  It was still expensive--over $400--but I enjoyed making it.
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    I did mine super-cheap. My favorite was Picaboo for ease-of-use and quality. I liked the picture cover better than the leather cover.

    It is a bit time-consuming, but worth it. I did 2 mom books, and 3 gift books for less than $200 (I got some Groupons). I still haven't had a chance to do mine though!
  • My photog recommended mixbook.com. I will be making my own as well, but I haven't quite gotten to that yet!
  • My photographer actually included a REALLY nice album in her overall fee, but we also get access to all the digital negatives, and we're planning to use those to make a parent album. 

    Other sites you can use are mixbook.com and shutterfly.com.  I actually got a coupon for a free photobook through Shutterfly when I registered online with David's Bridal, and I used that to make a guestbook with our e-pics!
  • Yea, I am having just basic photography done for engagements and wedding. Then, he will clean them up and give them to me on a disc. From there I am going to make my own Wedding Album using an online site....mucho cheaper. ;-)
  • Professional albums are extremely expensive, but worth every penny in my mind. I spent a lot of time and money into our day, and I love that H and I have a gorgeous album to look back on. Today's albums are such good quality and are true coffee table style books, and are a great addition to our home. We get tons of compliments on ours.
  • Oh, I'm so glad you asked this!  I was thinking about this today, too.
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  • I personally LOVE my album from my photographer.  It was worth every single penny in my opinion.  I look through it at least once a month if not more and I will probably continue to do so for many years, so I want something that will hold up.  I ordered a few less expensive albums from various places and while they were nice they dont hold a candle to our profressional one.
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