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Workout Accountability: Friday

Happy Friday!!!

I did cardio only last night, and managed to do it a little earlier than usual. we had an early supper because FI had a meeting at work last night and had to go back. So my workout was done by 7:30!

The only downside with the early supper/early workout was that I was hungry before bed. That almost never happens, and I try not to eat after supper if I can help it. But I waited until it passed and went to bed early (ish).

we both have a meeting at the local nordic ski club tomorrow. There's no snow yet, but we can hike the beautiful trails while we're there.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Re: Workout Accountability: Friday

  • Good morning!

    @jennylee I fought the battle of getting hungry before bed too.  I'm happy to say I also was able to resist the urge to raid the refrigerator!

    Yesterday was an active day for me.  I walked 3 miles, did an interval training run (which kicked my butt), went to a Zumba class, and did pilates.  Needless to say I am a little physically tired today, so I think today might just be walking and some strength training.  Eating was really good yesterday as well (despite the bag of white chocolate m&m's that I bought at work, but at least managed to share with my co-workers!).  My FI grilled salmon for dinner with a bunch of broccoli and a baked potato, all of which was delicious and helped me to recover from the various workouts that day.  I think my co-workers are going out for happy hour tonight, so as long as I can stay on track there, it should be a good day!

    Hope everyone has a good Friday!!
  • Hello Ladies!  I am new here and posted on the newbie thread.

    I was on track with food yesterday and barely had any carbs.

    I didn't get to work out but we did go to the Nike Outlet and I got some new trainers.  My old shoes were killing my feet when I worked out.  Tonight FI and I are going to the gym for some cardio and basic weight training.  I am hoping to make the yoga class tomorrow am as well.
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  • Good morning!

    Yesterday we had a free United Way lunch at work...which was not so awesome for me. I ate way too many calories. Even worse, I had a meeting during my normal walking time so I was unable to go on a walk at work!

    I did make it to the gym though and got 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 35 minutes on the elliptical.

    I also discovered a reason my weightloss has been SO slow recently...when I log exercise into MFP it is double counting it with the fitbit! Till that glitch gets fixed I'm going to just have to rely on what my fitbit uploads to MFP and not enter stuff separately.

    I'd like to go to the gym again tonight and do soem extra walking and maybe a LITTLE weightlifting. I don't want to go overboard on weightlifting because I'm planning on going to body pump on Saturday morning.
  • Morning,

    last night was a rest day and I really needed it. I really need to replace my shoes my shin splints are killer and now I am feeling pain in my back uugh
    food was a bit of a miss-my packed food was good but lunch with the boss killed me and my calories for the day.
    Today I am on track for healthy day and its a run night. Must resist the temptation to drink wine this weekend!

    happy days all
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  • Hey everyone, loving all the posts. Last night was the first night I actually really enjoyed the workout. I began going to the weight room again after a long hiatus and forgot how much I liked it. I accredite this to the encouragement here and on the bridalicious 30 day challenge post. Got me to kick myself in the butt and get going.

    Food and water was good yesterday as well as getting in the cardio and weights. Today hopefully will be great on food and water, doing the challenge for the day (crunches with flies), and getting a good long walk in.

    All the posts about running are great, I miss it sometimes, but for me after two back surgeries because of running gotta stay away from it.
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  • Hello ladies! I'm new to the workout accountablility but I figured it should keep me on track! So yesterday I got home from school around 3:45 and I've been wanting to get back to my yoga routine ( took a 2 month hiatious! ) but I also wanted to do cardio since I hadn't done it in about a week ( kinda tweeked my left knee) so I turned on my p90x cardio dvd did a short warm up and then skipped over the 30 minute yoga intro finished 25 minute cardio session and then contiuned on to the 90 minute yoga session! I felt FANTASTIC!!! Ummm food was pretty good I've been focusing more on protein and including some chicken (i've been vegetarian for a while) during the day. Have a great weekend!

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  • Walked yesterday which was good and bad: good because I walked and got fresh air, bad because my co-worker is soooo slow, seems like she rather stroll and chit chat instead of pushing herself. I think today I will say something to motivate her a bit. Foodwise....I haven't had an appetite for dinner 2 nights in a row. Not sure why :(
  • @HoorayforSoup. Sounds like your monniker will come in handy now. Soup, soup, soup. Healing thoughts your way. We all get sick and some point. Keep checking in though. At least for me, I find it a real motivator to get better and get back to it once I start feeling better.  But may not work for others....just a thought.
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  • Swam with my club team last night, so great to be back in the pool. Taking the dog for a run tonight.

    Been eating a lot better recently. I re-started logging my meals at I can't do it all the time because I get too obsessive with it, but periodically, it's helpful to check myself. 

    Now if I can just get FI to work out a little...
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  • I've actually been working out for a couple of weeks straight now and i'm feeling really good about it! I even managed to get a workout in before our food tasting last night so I didn't feel so guilty. i hope i can keep it up!!! 350 days left!
  • @hoorayforsoup Feel better!!  respiratory illnesses are the worst, i swear!

    @dandelions and @newboyer welcome to the thread, glad to have you!!

    On a random note, I just realized that today is 1 year until my wedding (i know, we had a long engagement).  that's exciting!! 

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