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Hey, I was just wondering if the wii fit/plus has worked for anyone.  Any insight would help. 


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    I don't use it regularly enough to say for myself but my mom loves it and says she could feel herself toning up.  Also my neice uses it as well and lost a bit of weight from it.
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    I have used it a couple times and realized it was not enough for me to get a good workout.  If your choice is the Wii Fit or nothing at all, of course the Wii Fit will help.  However, you're better off if you can make it to a gym...or even walk/run outside.

    It can't hurt, I mean anything that gets you moving is good....just don't expect too much.
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    I'd personally recommend one of the EA Active games for Wii. After having used both Wii Fit and EA Active, I felt Active gave me an overall better workout. It comes with a resistance band that you can use to actually help build muscle, plus you can use the Wii Fit board  in it as well (it has a fun step class plus many other activities). I always feel like I've gotten a decent workout when I've used it, unlike at times with the Wii Fit where I barely feel like I've done anything. Like previously stated, you're definitely better off going to a gym or walking/running outside, but as an alternative when you don't have time to get to the gym, or only have a half hour or so to workout, I'd say try EA active. HTH :)
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    I agree with jhobel. I tried it for a while, but found it nearly impossible to ever get my heart rate up. Also the rest time between exercises was way too much for me. I did enjoy the yoga though.
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    Thanks ladies! :)
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    I totally agree!
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    My dad got it for Christmas in '08 and loves it. He uses it on days when the weather is crummy (rainy/snowy/too cold) and tries to do 45 minutes on those days. However, when the weather is nice, he goes out and takes long walks, since his neighborhood is very hilly.

    He's lost about 50 pounds since then; granted a large part of that was changing his diet after being diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago, but the exercise has helped too. And with the improved diet, he has more energy to do the Wii Fit and his walks.

    So basically, to sum up, I would say use it, but if possible, not exclusively.
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    I like the Step Program on it! I do that every morning for about 15 minutes. It just gets me going a little better!
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