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Workout Accountability : Tuesday

Morning Ladies! I hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend! The weather was awesome here, made the weekend really nice. I probably ate more along my maintaining calorie limit this weekend versus my deficit. I had a bachelorette party on Saturday and two picnics this weekend. I did work out every day though! I went to spin and lifted on Saturday. The Saturday instructor kicks my butt, seriously. Sunday I did a 5k outside. And yesterday FI and I ran to his gym, lifted and ran back. It was only about a mile each way, but it was a really good work out. It was a nice way to get in some cardio.

 How did everyone else do?

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Re: Workout Accountability : Tuesday

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    Morning!  Sounds like you did great this weekend maribeth!  I love when instructors kick my butt : ) 

    I took 3 full days off (Fri-Sun).  I have been having really bad neck pain, and I felt like I owed it to myself to give my body a break.  I've been pushing so hard lately.  I have to tell you, I am so glad that I did!  I got so much wedding stuff done this weekend that my stress level reduced too, and today my neck is feeling better than it has in about a month.  

    Yesterday I took a zumba class and also lifted legs.  This morning I took spin with my favorite instructor, who also kicks my butt!  

    We stayed home most of the weekend and did wedding stuff and shopped too, and didn't do any Memorial Day BBQ festivities, so I feel like I did well with eating.  So even though I didn't work out, I feel like I had a successful weekend.  

    Enjoy the short week!  
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    Good morning ladies!  I went to training in Chicago last week.  I did workout most days with cardio.  I need to get back into the weight routine though.  Eating was ok, except for a BBQ on Sunday...that one didn't go so well.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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    If my paper isnt due tomorrow as I suspect I'm setting up my trainer tonight for a nice ride on it. If the paper is due pilates, and weights less time = alternative workout. Ticker
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    Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday I went on a short run, but I upped my speed, so I feel good about that. It usually takes me about 9 and a half minutes to run 1km (slow, slow, slow, I know - but hey, I'm doing it!) and yesterday I pushed to 8 and a half minutes per km. I thought that was a decent improvement! Anyway, I only ended up doing 3.75km instead of the 5 planned because my legs felt like jello after pushing them :) I like that feeling.

    Today I'll take the doggie for a walk and maybe fit a bike ride in. I slept like poop last night - went to bed at 11pm but only tossed and turned until about 5am, then slept until 9:40.. so while I feel like I "slept in" based on the time, I am also exhausted. So we'll see what kind of exercise happens. Good thing about having a dog is that you have to go out for a walk.
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    I feel really good about the last 4 days.

    Friday I made it to the gym and got 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 15 on the elliptical, 10 minutes of weightlifting and then FI and I went to a park and played disk golf for an hour.

    Saturday I got 75 minutes of light cardio on my bike and FI and I went to the park again and played disk golf for an hour or so.

    Sunday I got 20 minutes on the stairmaster at the gym, 35 on the elliptical and FI and I got a quick round of disk golf in (only about 35 minutes of walking). I also spent 2 hours cleaning the aparment... I was WAY under my calorie limit for the day but wasn't hungry so I let it slide that I hadn't reached a net of 1200 (I don't do it every day so I think it will be okay)

    Yesterday I got another 75 minutes of light cardio on my bike. I didn't push myself beyond that though because I had work I needed to get to.

    Tonight I'm headed to the gym, I'm going to make sure I focus on weightlifting because I spent so much of the long weekend doing cardio.
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    Everyone sounds like they made it through the holiday weekend!

    I was eating like crazy over the weekend (yesterday, no joke, I tracked nearly 2,300 calories!) and now I'm paying for it. While I did manage to get in some very long walks on the beach, my exercise was not exactly on par with my eating.

    Today is a new day, though, and I started it with 30ds (with 8 pound weights) and I've been eating really well. Tonight I'm going to do the elliptical. My goal is to really be careful this week with diet and exercise because next weekend is a destination bachelorette party and I know it'll be very tempting to overdo it again.

    Have a great afternoon!
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    I did a 5K on Saturday and then went to a BBQ where I quickly ate back all the calories I burned.   Sunday my body needed to recover from the race.  

    Today I met with my trainer so a nice heavy weight workout.  

    I just scheduled my first dress fitting for June 18th.  Definitely will keep on target with the healthy eating and workouts.  If I could lose another 5 pounds by then that would be ideal. 

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    McRogolMcRogol member
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    So happy to be able to post. Today was my first day back post-surgery! I did a mile in the pool using the pull buoy (? The thing you put between your legs and just use your arms) so that my foot wouldn't be bothered while kicking. It felt so great to get some activity in after 4 weeks of being on the couch!
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    McRogol - Congrats on being able to get back into a fitness routine!
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    Good evening! It's thunderstorming like mad here!

    Yesterday I ran 4 miles, 3 at race pace and 1 for cool down. My sister and I just did one of her 30 minute NIke Training workouts on her iphone. It's so fun, and I'm still sore from the last time we did them.
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