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I just started this workout 4 days ago. I'm a little confused with the nutrition plan but I'm just trying to make healthier choices and follow it the best I can. Has anyone else done it and seen results. My fiance is a Marine and he knows several people who have followed it and seen great results(but they were all men so I'm not sure how it works on women)When I started I had exactly 91 days..I'm really hoping this helps me slim down and tone up (my dress is strapless and I don't want wiggly arms!!!)
Open to any suggestions???

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    I didn't really lose weight with this, but I didn't follow the health plan.  I did, however, see great results in my arms and legs, toning-wise.  I didn't measure inches, but I'm pretty sure I lost more inches than I did pounds.  My only word of warning- take it slow.  I got tendonitis in my tricep from doing this program.  I loved it, don't get me wrong, but don't try to go up with your weights too quickly.  GL!
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    I am in the 4th week of P90X, and I agree w/ pp, I'm not losing any pounds. It definitely is more targeted at building strength and muscle. That said, I'm mostly interested in getting stronger and leaner so I'm okay with not dropping lbs. It is great for arms and legs and I can see small changes in my abs already too.

    My FI's female employee did the program and she looks fantastic. It's tough though, I actually started lifting weights in addition to my cardio for a month before I started P90X. You can totally do it and start at your own level though, they show modifications. Good luck!

    I forgot to add I also do not follow the nutrition plan, but I highly recommend getting protein powder for shakes after your workouts, I think it really helps with the soreness and you need the extra protein after lifting weights.
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    I also love P90x! I cannot say that i have completed the 90 day program but the first time istarted the probelm I was definitely much more lean... Now I just started up this week again.

    I think the most important thing to remember while doing P90X as a beginner is not to give up. The first week is a killer bc you dont know what to is hard as hell, but the exercises will get easier!

    I don't follow the nutrition plan bc I do Weight Watchers.


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    I'm totally a P90X convert. I started this  to help Cross Train for my running. I've gained weight - but I've dropped 2 dress sizes. Just remember, as everyone on this board says: measure in addition to weighing in. And pp's were right on: make sure you have a solid cardio and lifting base, and take it slow. I think it's awesome, but to each her own. Good Luck! Let us know how it goes!
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    I am in my 3rd week and love it!
    One of my friends promised me he was going to get me in shape for the wedding. That is certainly what he is doing! the first week was hard going but am loving challenge.
    I also am losing inches not pounds.

    Keep going, its sooo worth it and no Tony Never shuts up!

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    It's a great video you just have to be careful. Try stretching a little more before you start the DVD to prevent strains or pulls because the video WILL push you to do more and try harder. They don't always do a good enough stretch in the videos. Drinking water will help also. It's a tough workout but it's great!
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    Thanks for the input.  I had this same question.  My FI and I were just talking about it this past week.  I was a little skeptical, and not sure how it would for a woman.  We are going to buy it and do the workouts together.  I just need to make sure we follow their nutrition plan, or at least eat healthy, and to continue my cardio.  I want to lose pounds and inches!
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    My fiance and I just started p90X this past week. Our wedding is May 30th and I am trying to drop about 15 lbs. Are any of you doing the "Lean" version of the program? It is supposed to be more cardio based and help lean you out, rather than bulk you up. I am adding a few days a week of eliptical cardio just to make sure I am burning enough calories.
    I also was told by a bunch of people who have done the program that the eating plan is key to seeing results. It is complicated to figure out, but you just need to sit down with that darn nutrition guide and read the whole thing, after a while it starts to make sense.
    Sending all my good weight loss vibes your way ladies!
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    Can anyone tell me how much space you need to do this program?  I live in a small one bedroom condo and want to make sure that I will have enough room.  Also, what type of equipment do you need?
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    1st time posting!
    I was 178 at 5'5 on January 1st. Measurements were 40-32-44.
    Today I'm 163 lbs and 36-32-41.

    The wedding is in Dominican Republic and we're leaving April 17th. I don't have much longer to go! Need motivation? Plan a wedding down south with family and friends. It's more than fitting in a dress - it's looking good in a bikini! (sigh)

    I'm doing the P90X and I'm on week 8. I don't follow it to a T because I find I don't get my heart rate up enough. (only on plyometrics days) I would say I do about 3-4 P90X strength training sessions per week. Then I supplement it with 4-5 days of HIIT treadmill work.

    As for nutritiion, I eat 5 small meals of day with a balance of protein/carbs/fat.  No eating 2 hrs before bed and my beloved wine only in moderation once every couple of weeks.  I also take pre-natal vitamins since I want to get pregnant soon after the wedding.

    I just wish I could lose more inches off my hips and waist. I'm so surprised my waist has not gotten smaller!
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    Have you thought about doing the Lean version of P90X for the last month? It doesn't have as much weight training and it allows for more cardio, which might help trim down your mid-section. I am going in to week 2 and I am hoping for some amazing results before my May 30th wedding.

    Good Luck!!

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    I've doing the doubles version I guess. I'm hoping that it would give me the most bang for the buck. Silly me to decide to get fit with only 3 months to the wedding! Plus, I have my dress fitting in 2 weeks! Luckily, I got it one size smaller but I'm hoping to get it tailored even more.

    I just wish I took before and after photos. I guess the real proof is in the clothes.

    How are you doing with the lean program? Good results?

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