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Workout Accountability: Monday

Morning ladies and happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Well we're at our destination wedding spot!  My brother comes in today, and FI comes in tomorrow, as does brother's girlfriend.  I can't wait for the festivities to begin, but I'm also REALLY nervous.
Mom has been awesome at helping me stay on track up here (it's the ultimate fried seafood and ice cream location.)  We went to our favorite coffee/chocolate spot and picked out one chocolate for dessert each night, and made salmon on the grill last night, instead of going out.  Since my brother's coming in tonight, dinner will be bad, but at least I can plan ahead.

Workouts have also stayed on track, minus missing the first day of this week because we were driving up here.  It's the very first, and only workout, I missed in all of p90x (figures, in the last recovery week - I was so close to a perfect record.)  I just finished kenpo this morning, and have stretch x tomorrow.

How did you all do this weekend?  Hope everyone is doing well!

Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • Happy Wedding Week, Lobsters!

    I've been off track with my workouts this past week so I need to get back on track with that this week.  Food has been ok, but not perfect, so I need to work on that too.

    Happy Monday everyone!
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  • Congrats on your wedding. I started Insanity yesterday. I got up at 4am and did Plyometric Cardio Circuit this morning. 2 down and 58 to go.

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  • Happy wedding week, Lobsters! Take time to enjoy it!

    Insanity is a great workout. I did the first half two autumns ago, but got sick and didn't finish it. It's not the type of thing that you can just pick up where you left off, so I didn't go back to it, although I might do it again this year.

    Good weekend for me - I think I've busted through my far-too-long plateau, so I'm more motivated than ever. Looking forward to a good week and trying to add to the elliptical as well. Time to get my routine developed a little more!

    Have a good one, ladies!
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  • Good morning ladies!

    This weekend was pretty good for me.

    Friday I got a walk in with co-workers in the afternoon. Saturday I got back into my gym groove and did 35 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of weightlifting and 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

    Yesterday I went on a bike ride to the park with FI to play disk golf. About halfway thru the park some clouds rolled in that looked kind of ominous, but we kept playing. By the end of the course it was sprinkling, so we hurried back to the soon as we got on the bikes it started downpouring! It was not some nice summer rain either, the rain was really cold and that combined with the wind created from riding the bikes made it the most miserable bike ride home.

    Lesson learned - believe the weather man when he says possibility of rain, even if it looks beautiful out.

    Tonight i'm hoping to make it to body combat at the gym.
  • Good morning ladies,

    Just did Boot Camp this morning.  Had a hard time getting into it and didn't feel like I did my best.  My legs were just so tired.  I think I'll try to do something else after work to make up for it.  But at least my main workout for the day is done!  Now to focus on eating healthy throughout the day.
  • Yay Lobsters!!!! Happy wedding week :)

    This weekend my eating was kind of crap. FI and I had our bachelor/bachelorette party Saturday. I did get in a good work out Saturday, but my eating and drinking was not good. I hope to up my work outs from the bare minimum I did last week!
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  • kw-it (the dress) and you are gorgeous!
  • kw you look amazing!!!! I'm so glad your dress is fitting better. I love both the dresses :)
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  • Beautiful dresses, kw! I love them both!
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  • love the dresses kw!

    i had my first fitting last week and my dress was too tight even though i havent gained since i bought it (i posted about that last week) so i have been on track every day since. calories under 1500, saturday morning the weather was amazing so i went for a run outside. 2 miles, which is pretty good for me since im not "a runner". yesterday went to the gym and did the elliptical for 25 minutes and ran a mile. then did some weights for my arms and some abs. so i just have to keep remembering that damn tight dress and i should be able to stay on track!
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  • Sounds like people are doing well today!

    Kwith - You look great in both dresses - really happy for you that your stress has been alleviated! I love the short dress too, I think you should definitely wear that at your reception!! How fun!

    The weekend was HORRIBLE food-wise for me. I moved a lot of stuff up to Edmonton for school on Friday, then FI and I hung out with my sister and did some running around and going to the movies with my sister on Saturday... Then on Sunday I went to Calgary with my mom to go shopping.. and eating wasn't terrible but definitely didn't get enough fruits and veggies in.

    It really seems like lately my weekends are blowing chunks and all week I'm being super careful trying to make up for it. *Sigh.* Something to work on.

    Have a good day everyone! :)
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  • Afternoon All-

    Workouts have been out the window, just maintaining now. Things are way too busy with the Wedding to find time to work out. 5 Days! Eeekkk!!

    Lobsters- Happy Wedding Week to my fellow 8/24 Weekend Wedding Bride! We made it! I hope its a relaxing week for you :)

    KW The dresses look beautiful!! I wish I had thought of a party dress too, its going to be hot as balls in that dress but oh well I'm only doing this once :)
  • Happy Wedding Week Lobsters! :D  Squee!! :D

    I'm still... stuck >.<  Some days at work are super intense, some are like today where I got home after a couple hours, and I'm having a hard time finding the right calorie intake to balance it all out.  I haven't budged at ALL with inches or weight, which when I check it is first thing in the morning after the bathroom and before breakfast.  FI and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to register last weekend, and he had been wanting to get me a good scale since I use the Wii and he doesn't think it's accurate, there's no way I could weigh as much as I say I do (meaning it as a compliment of course).  Well, a dozen scales later, numbers don't lie ;)  So he knows now why I'm having such a hard time, I'm well aware of my body and it's not what it should be.  On a funny note, he's put on almost 20 pounds himself and while he was aware he had put on a little, had no idea it was that much until it was put right in front of him ;) He swears he's never weighed that much ;)  I think he'll be cutting back on the junk food ;D

    I don't really know what to do anymore though.  I tried upping my calorie intake with no results, I love my carbs but not really overdoing it on portions, I can add more exercise after work like I'll be doing today and drinking more water but not sure if that's going to backfire with burning more calories, I'm just kinda stumped :/  
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  • Thanks everyone!  And happy wedding week to you, too, Scheff!  I want pictures when you're back! :)
  • @lobsters HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!!! this is so exciting for you!!! enjoy it!!

    @kw your dress is absolutely beautiful!

    I'm back from vacation this week and am most likely not working out tonight. i had a crappy last day of vaca yesterday (family issues) and just want to relax a bit tonight. hopefully i can get back on the bandwagon tomorrow!
  • @lobsters & Scheff - Happy wedding week.  Enjoy it and don't worry about staying on track with food.  I was running around so much with activities I ended up losing weight even though I over indulged all week.  

    @KW - the dresses are gorgeous.

    No exercise this weekend, and food was OK.  Going to do better this week.  We have started getting the garage ready so we can set up a work out space in there.   Today we went to the gym for some quick cardio.  

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  • @scheff didn't realize it was your wedding week too! congrats! have a GREAT time!!
  • Thanks ladies! Can't wait to celebrate! :)

  • KW- i LOVE your dress :D  To answer your question, I signed up on SparkPeople, but I'm estimating on the calories, we make a lot of stuff at home and aren't really known for following recipies ;)  I could get an accurate count for the daytime but come dinner it's anyones guess ;) Is there a calorie burning tracker for cleaning houses? If there is I need to find it!!! ;D
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  • Lobsters and Scheff: Happy Wedding Week to you both! Enjoy it!

    KW: Both the dresses are gorgeous! You look great girl!

    I had a pretty good weekend...Friday I went out to pizza with a friend but we split an individual one and I didn't even finish my half...and we had salad. So all good...BUT then we went to a party and I know I had tooooooo many calories in alcohol! (Not that much, I am a total lightweight since I pretty much stopped drinking since I have been trying to get healthy! Anyone else have that problem??)

    Needless to say, I felt pretty crappy on Saturday (when I usually do my long runs. Boo!!) AND I wanted bad food to boot! Ugh! I resisted a greasy breakfast and made myself do a Nike Training Club workout and then had a falafal sandwich for lunch...which wasn't too unhealthy and was enough to quiet my craving for bad food.

    I feel like I made up for it on Sunday though...6 mile run (yay!) and I ate healthy all day!

    This week is exciting...I finally get to start going to the gym on campus on Wednesday AND the scale I ordered should arrive on Thursday. Haven't weighed in since I moved (!!!) I am anxious to see what the scale says!
  • Hey everyone,

    I was feeling a little letdown about my workout this morning and felt like I didn't do my best during bootcamp.  So after work I just worked out again and did zumba, burning another 305+ calories.  I feel much better now.

    I need your help understanding the whole "starvation mode" thing. My nutritionist suggests that I eat around 1500 calories everyday, but sometimes have trouble reaching them all.  I track on Lose It and it suggests that I can really eat around 1300 if I wanted.  At what point does my body go into starvation mode?
  • @lobsters & Scheff - Happy wedding week to you both!!!

    @KW - The dresses are gorgeous! You look beautiful!

    The weekend was horrible! No exercising and the eating was bad too! I'm on week 2 of Insanity. Planning on doing hot yoga tomorrow and Insanity again. Happy Monday everyone!
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