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Thursday accountability

Good morning!  After not being able to work out the last 2 nights due to circumstances beyond my control- NOTHING IS STOPPING ME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

B- scrambled eggs, light wheat toast, low sug jelly, coffee
S- edemame
L- pbutter and low sug jelly on sandwich thin, yogurt
S- protein shake with light silk
D- TBD but prob some type of grilled chicken with vegs

E- absolutely, positively doing at least 40 min elliptical and back and biceps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Re: Thursday accountability

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    B: PB Banana Shake w/ protein powder and skim milk, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: plain FF yogurt w/ protein powder and pecans
    L: Tuna Avocado Salad
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ whole unsalted cashews
    D: baked salmon w/ salad (was supposed to be yesterday, but I forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer, so we had peanut crusted pork tenderloin)

    E: rest week!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Morning!!! Here we go...

    B-oatmeal with 1/2banana hard boiled egg.
    S- 1/2 PB n Banana on wheat bread
    L- chicken soup n salad
    D- Salmon with steam veggies

    30DS with 1/2hr of band streght workout.

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    Totally stoked today, taking my 30DS dvd over to my step mom's because she wants to see/try what I've been doing that's working so well (blush, AW).
    B: Oatmeal w/ strawberries, (less) coffee, soymilk
    S: Soy yogurt
    L: Jimmy John's Beach Club on Wheat, no mayo/cheese (holy avocado amazing-ness!)
    D: Hummus w/veggies & pita bread

    E: 30DS-L2 a.m., L1 p.m.
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    B: pbj on whole wheat, coffee
    S: protein shake
    L: ground turkey and black bean burrito in whole wheat tortilla
    S: greek yogurt w/ blueberries
    D: baked chicken and green beans
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    Hiiiiiiiiiiii ladies!! Okay so I'm super pumped...I'm heading to Cuba TOMORROW MORNING!!!  Wo0t wo0t!

    Anyways...I'm going to try to keep up the healthy habits while I'm away but you may have to pull me back on the wagon when I return.  But until then...

    B - wwtoast and a scrambled egg.
    S - tea
    L - Greek salad with grilled chicken breast
    D - not sure.  We're heading to BF's parents to drop off the dogs for the week. So they're going to feed us something yummy.

    E - too hectic today! Swimming in beautiful blue waters tomorrow tho!! lol

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    b - kashi bar, skim carmel macchiato (splurge!)
    l - turkey, avocado, & tomato on wheat sandwich thin, baby carrots w/ lite ranch
    s - ff greek yogurt
    d - salad w/ grilled chicken & lite dressing
    s - orange or apple

    e - elliptical. right now. seriously. i'm going. (sigh.)

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    B - luna bar
    L - grilled veggie burrito and TOO many chips
    D - veggie BLT and salad

    E - personal training session (strength)
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