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Hi everyone- I posted once here a long time ago, shortly after getting engaged, and then quickly stopped watching myself. And I've gained 10 lbs instead of losing!! It's bad- almost none of my clothes fit, and my slip is really tight. Thankfully my dress is too big so I have to take it in. But I need to get back on track and lose those pounds by the wedding- just for my health, and pictures ;), and money too- can't afford to buy a new wardrobe! So I want to come on here and start being more accountable! So, hi :)
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Re: Having Trouble

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    Seriously- I did have one chocolate chip cookie today because I know myself- if I don't indulge a tiny bit I'll eat like 8. But I got rid of all the rest of the cookies. And then someone gave me a bag full of candy. I put it away- and if I find myself getting tempted to open it later, I'll quickly give it to someone! Ugh.. the holidays.. so good, but so bad..

    EDIT- couldn't do it, had to get rid of the bag of candy LOL.
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  • Welcome back. I feel you re: the holidays. Trying to pre-plan for how to cope with going home and having mom and someone else cook...
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  • The holidays have been killing me too.  There always seem to be cookies and candy around and one of my coworkers just stopped by trying to feed me chocolate cake left over from our holiday party.  I've been focusing mostly on my exercising and in the new year I think I will start looking at my eating habits a little more closely. 

    On a side note, I was looking through your planning bio and under "Fun Stuff" there is a picture of your cat and some candles.  Your cat looks just like my kitty! 
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  • Go torties!! I know, my cat jumped into that picture and I figured she made a little something extra haha.

    I think I'm looking at after Xmas as being better too- I just don't want to gain like 3 more lbs in the next few days, so gym, gym I guess!!
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