Getting in Shape

2 months! :D

Hello ladies!!

So it's crunch time for me now! :D  I have two and a half months until I am married to the love me life!!!!  THOUGH...he is the love of my life, he tends to spoil me....with food! :/  Eating out is my worse enemy and over the past couple of months of seeing eachother only a couple of times a week, and each time eating out, I have come to realize that my pants have become a little tight and I have a tiny pouch poking out!! bleck!  My dress is a mermaid style dress and has a hole in the back.  I want to make sure I am pretty much toned all around before my grandma (who is a seemstress) takes in my dress around the boobage area.  (Because I am a curvy gal, they had to order a 12 for my hips in my dress, but a 8 for my boobs, sso now I gotta take it in). 

So anyways, do you girls have any good routines/excersises for toning up the major muscles in my body?  Arms, back, booty, tummy?  I'm not really looking to lose any weight at all becase I am happy where I am.  I'm just trying to tone up a little bit.

Here is a picture of my dress so you guys know what I am talking about with what it looks like! :D

Thanks in advance to all of your guys help!! <3
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