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Re: Wednesday WW Accountability

  • B: Taco soup (3), cheese (1), peppermint mocha (3)
    L: tbd - hoping to get my meals for this week/next week planned out today
    D: tbd

    E: walking

    Total: 7
    Target: 30
    WI: Saturday
  • B: Pretzels (3.5)
    L: Soup (4)
    S: tbd
    D: final tasting to decide our menu (probably a lot!)

    Total: 7.5
    Target: 23

    E: none.  Still trying to beat whatever I caught.  There's strep throat going around both my family and FI's family.  Awesome!
  • You're going for your final tasting? Sheesh... I feel like I'm behind now. lol.
  • Don't worry, we're doing everything super early because I have to write my PhD dissertation and defend it in Feb-April.  I've reserved those months for school, so we're taking care of the wedding stuff now.
  • Okay. *sigh of relief* I felt like a slump for only having my first catering meeting next week! lol
  • No no, don't worry!  I just know I'm going to freak out with all the school stuff so I figured at least this way I can just try to keep school under control and ignore the wedding for about 3 months.  If I still have hair left and it's not all gray by the wedding, I'll be impressed.
  • Still feeling crap-tastic... went from the flu, to feeling ever so slightly better yesterday, to now having a nasty cough.

    B: Kashi blueberry waffle (2)... couldn't even finish my breakfast : (
    S: leftover peppermint mocha that FI brought me yesterday (2)
    L: soup (3)... maybe taco... that sounded good FavoriteOne
    S: tbd
    D: more soup (3)

    E: yeah... right. Does watching FI play the Wii count?

    Total: 10
    Target: 23
    WI: today, if I make it. I really want to WI since I haven't in two weeks.
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  • B: None (oops)
    L: Weight Watcher Bagel with Fat Free Cream Cheese (3), 90 cal snack pack (2)
    S: Celery with PB (4)
    D: Chili with veggies/extra lean beef, rice (7)
    S: A few bite size chocolates (I know! I know! :S ) (5)

    Target: 20
    Actual: 21

    E: 30 mins interval training on treadmill, lower body workout on machines

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