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Wedding Bootcamp at Home!

Hi everyone!

I'm Caitlin, I'm 28, and I got married in June!  It was difficult for me to go wedding dress shopping because I felt like my problem areas were highlighted (you can't really hide your upper body in a wedding dress without sleeves).  So, I saw an infomercial one night, got P90X, and I actually dropped 11% of my body fat.  So, I was pretty pleased with the way I looked on my wedding day.  It makes me sad to think of anyone not loving the way they look on their wedding day.

So, what I propose, is that we all join together and promote accountability, nutrition, and working out.  We all have/had a common goal, right?  To look back on pictures (engagement, wedding, rehearsal, etc) and feel GREAT about the way we looked.

Who doesn't have Facebook?  I mean, my GRANDMA has Facebook, lol.  What I propose, is that we come together in a common place (Facebook Group!!) and post our workouts, fears, meals, and help motivate one another.  My wedding day has already passed, but I have the marine ball coming up in November that I have to be ready for!!  It's in CALI where people are HOTT!  Gotta represent!

So, do you think you'd be willing to commit to yourself, commit to others?  I'd love for us to have weekly or monthly challenges with prizes (that I'd provide) to keep things interesting. 

I'm not awesome at checking TheKnot, so please PLEASE PLEASE email me at if you even are remotely interested.  We can discuss further.  I'm happy to be in charge of this, but I may have to limit the number of people involved, so be sure to email me ASAP if you're in!

Let's support/kick each other's engaged bottoms!!  :)

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