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I just got P90X in the mail and I'm so excited to start!  I have some ?s though.  I currently have 8 lb weights that are appropriate for me for most arm exercises.   Will I need heavier weights for other exercises?  Also, do I really NEED a pull-up bar and a "perfect pushup" thingy, whatever that is?  Money's tight with the wedding and saving for a house so I'm trying to figure out the minimum I can get away with, haha.  Thanks!

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Re: P90X Equipment

  • I use 8lb weights for most exercises, but I need 5lbs for straight shoulder flys. Also, you do not need a pull up bar, they show alternate ways to perform the exercise with bands, which you can get pretty cheap at walmart or traget. :) Good luck! 
  • Do 12-15 reps per exercise, and on the last rep or two you should be struggling. So, the 8 pound weights may actually be too light for some of the moves. You don't need the perfect pushup handles. Unless you've perfected the push-up and need to give yourself a larger range of motion for more of a challenge. As far as pull-ups, you can modify using bands. 

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  • I use bands for pull ups and I use the wall for push ups bc of my knees! The only video I can do 100% without stoping is Kenpo. I just started tho! I'm giving myself. I'm getting married in 1 yr so I'm taking it slowly... I'm also doing weight watchers.
  • You dont need the push up bars. Bands are great to get as you can do all the pull up exercises with those and for any other movement the 8lbs is too heavy or light for you can use the bands.
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