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Hi Ladies,

I work with mentally ill youth.  Our department is trying to branch out and offer things this population can't easily access. 

Next week we will be starting a girls (ages 14-16) cooking group.  All of the girls are on medication most of which cause weight gain and increased appetite.  One of our goals is to increase indapendance by teaching the girls how to cook for themeselves.  We would like to teach the some easy healthy recipes.  We also want to teach them how to substitute to make recipes healthier (like using apple sauce instead of oil, or ground turkey instead ground beef). 
The girls have large appetites and problems with portion control, but really do want to learn to be healthier. 

I'm hoping some of you ladies will have some ideas to share.
I'd love healthy recipes, ideas for substitutions, and healthy snacks.
Also if anyone knows of any good websites I could give the girls that would be wonderful.


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