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How to keep motivated working out?!

I am trying to get in a little better shape for my wedding however I can't seem to stay motivated to work out. I love the feeling after I am finished working out but the struggle to actually work out is hard!

I have asked my fianc for help but he forgets to remind me sometimes and then I don't work out.

Any suggestions for motivation?

Re: How to keep motivated working out?!

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    I suggest actually looking through the board before making a post like this. Just in the last 2 weeks there have been multiple posts asking the same exact thing. Go check out those threads and the answers posted in them.
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    I just started doing this last week and really getting serious about getting into shape and I put the motivation around me...

    I went online and printed a few pictures of things I like and want to fit into and a few quotes I am in love with that inspire me and put them on my fridge... It temps me to not eat or eat healthy and even on my phone, I put a pic of the wedding dress I wish I could fit in so I have constant inspration to want to get up. When I get home, I have a dog who wants to walk and from there, I just keep going. My FI wants nothing to do with my working out or eating better so I am on my own. I just keep doing these posts, holding myself accountable and putting motivation everywhere I can and I love the Health and fitness pins on Pintrest... Something new to look at.

    Let me know if you need anything else

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

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    You can only motivate yourself.  The first step is realizing that you want this for YOU and not to have someone tell you to do things.  The motivation will come on its own when you have "your moment" for lack of a better word.

    Do something you enjoy.  Try different things.  Stick with the things you like and keep the rest to a minimum.  It's a lot harder to talk yourself out of a workout that you actually enjoy.

    Start small.  Big expectations only set yourself up for big failures.  

    Eat right.  Food is fuel.  You need the right fuel and the right amount to keep your body going.  

    Check in with daily accountability on here.  That certainly keeps me motivated knowing I have 10+ people I report to on a daily basis.  

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