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need to lose yesterday

Hey everyone

looking for some imput
im looking to lose 10  pounds (15 would be wonderful) for the wedding its 5 months away...but realy struggling..i became a vegetarian 2 years ago and i put on 15 pounds. i am trying to do weight watchers but struggling with it big time i think its the vegetarian thing..with only 26 points im hungry..and then i snack...havent worked out much I know thats something ineed to add in..but i know diet is a huge part...any vegetarians out there have any tips on staying full? without packing on pounds..i fel like im on a high carb diet!
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Re: need to lose yesterday

  • Protein and fiber are the key to foods that help you stay full.  Can you give us an idea of what you are eating right now? 
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  • I'm vegan. 
    I FIGHT to eat enough calories each day and ALWAYS feel full. 
    What the heck are you eating?! If I can do it with more restrictions, you can. 
    What kind of vegetarian are you? 

    You just need to be mindful of what your snacking on... Hummus and carrots =good. chips= bad. 

    We would love to see a typical "day" of your food schedule
  • Peanuts or beans are great protein plus vegan choices.

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    Protein foods are good to build the muscles and turn the fat into muscles. 
    You should take more vegetables based protein foods to lose your weight and shape up your body.    Health Maitland
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