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Workout Accountability: Thursday

Whoa - hard to believe the week is almost over! I love holidays for that.

Yesterday was great for me getting back on track. I figured out how I would have to compensate my calorie consumption to accommodate the overeating on Monday and Tuesday and I managed to stay within my more restricted goal for the day (just two more days to go!)

I also made it to body combat despite the bad weather and crappy roads. I was very very happy to get the exercise, but man oh man could I tell I'd had two days off. I didn't really feel like I had much energy the whole time but I made it till the end.

Hoping to make it to the gym again tonight - eating looks like it will again be on track today, just have to avoid the holiday treat landmines all over work.

Re: Workout Accountability: Thursday

  • Today is my get back on track day.  I'm glad I was able to get my run and weight workout in on Sunday since Monday I wasn't able to get to the gym.  I didn't eat too great but I tried not to eat too too much Monday and Tuesday.

    Wednesday I did a track workout (6x400m) since I was able to get to a track during daylight.  Food wasn't great but wasn't terrible.

    Today I am back to normal with eating.  I am hoping to hit the gym and get an easy paced 3 miler in tonight, and maybe a bit of crosstraining since I missed a running day on Tuesday.
  • Happy Thursday!

    I haven't checked in all week, so here is a bit of a recap.
    Sunday: major lifting session (arms, chest, abs)
    Monday: 5 mile run
    Tuesday: rest
    Wednesday: 3.23 mile run, I had to use the treadmill because we got about 6 inches of snow yesterday.  Also lifted weights (legs, abs and shoulders)

    I don't have a workout planned for today because my best friend is coming over and we are going wedding dress shopping. So excited!
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  • Hello!

    Yesterday was decent for me. Eating was fine except for a couple of cookies at work. Ran 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes, which was a pretty good run for me. 

    Today has not bee very good so far. The gym was closed this morning due to the weather and I'm the only one who had to report to work today, so I'm eating the rest of the cookies and watching Legally Blonde.
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  • Well, after my holiday break I'm back for accountability! Shockingly, I didn't gain- I lost .6- but hey, it's something! Happy days. Tonight I'm going to the gym with a friend. Yesterday wasn't too bad in the food department, considering how many goodies were brought in to work. Today should be fine too!
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  • All of you sickos... get better!
  • Hi people!

    I actually did better over the holidays than I am now in post-Christmas mode.  There's tons of cookies around my house and I think I'm less on my guard than I was during Christmas.  Plus today is my fiance's birthday so it'll be another day of lots of food and no time for the gym.  I really want to sneak a workout in but I think he's been bummed that he's been home by himself all day and is having a little "i'm all alone on my birthday" pity party.  So the nice thing to do would probably be to give him some attention.  It'll only be one more day I suppose, grrrrrr.

    But tomorrow I start fresh.  I actually ate healthy today so far, if it weren't for my coworker and her damned bowl of peanut butter stuffed pretzels.  When work went into crisis mode today, I apparently went into stress eating mode, whoops.  Ah well... can't undo it now so we'll just move on!

    Hope everyone has a good rest of their day!
  • Hi ladies.  I'm new and have been lurking for a few days.  I hope it's okay to jump on in.

    My goal for this holiday season was not to gain any weight and so far I'm doing it.  Today I tried out my brand new Kinect game Zumba Rush for an hour and it was awesome.  I also do the Back on Pointe workouts and will be doing one of her leg routines tonight after work.

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    <3 Lots o' love to my Labor Buddies mommynpink & alliebooberz <3

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    I *really* love Pinterest!

  • @Dewey - welcome to accountability! We're glad to have you and hope to see you posting often.
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