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elliptical workouts

I've read a lot of information that says you should switch up your workouts because your body gets used to the routine and you won't lose as much weight-

but I just LOVE the elliptical! Does anyone have any tips for "changing it up" on the elliptical that may be effective?

Also, if I'm burning the same amount of calories every workout, won't I be losing weight regardless? more thing, has anyone done any work on a recumbent bike? do they offer the same benefits/burn as many calories? would that be enough of a "switch up" ? 

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Re: elliptical workouts

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    Do you do HIIT (high intensity interval training)? You could try going at your normal pace for 3-4 minutes, then kick it up for 2-3 minutes, then go back down. Alternate doing that with also back-pedaling at a high speed as well (really works the glutes).

    I do this once or twice a week, and alternate it with doing HIIT on the treadmill. I actually prefer the treadmill, because it feels like I'm getting more of a workout. The elliptical seems a little too "soft" for me, but it could be good for people with bad knees/ankles/shin splints.

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    I haven't tried HIIT yet! Good idea! I broke my foot 2 years ago and it still gives me pain if I'm on it too much, but the elliptical doesn't bother it, so that's another reason I love the elliptical. 

    Also, my mom has Elhers-Danlos disease, which really effects joints and tendons and is also hereditary so I try to be easy on my joints just as a precaution. 
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    I usually warm up with the elliptical incline all the way down so I'm almost running, forward 2.5 or 5mins, backwards 2.5 or 5mins, then I bump up the incline and resistance so I'm really pushing myself and still alternate forward and backwards every few minutes.  If you really push your speed on the elliptical, I think its a good workout (I'm usually dripping in sweat), but if you coast along and let the momentum of the machine do most of the work its not going to do much for you.

    I get bored on bikes to be honest, so I dont usually use them.
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    I have to do the elliptical due to a knee injury. I usually do intervals and every 5 or 10 minutes I go backwards for 5 minutes. Sometimes I put the setting on "hill climb" so the resistance and incline are more steady rather than the up and down, but it hurts my knee as well. If you can change those around you should be good!
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    A long time ago I downloaded something from itunes- it's meant for runners but I use it on the elliptical. It's about training to do hills, so you're supposed to run on a treadmill and increase the speed and incline at certain points. But it's pretty easy to apply to the elliptical- I just increase the speed and resistance instead of the incline. I think it's called 'Treadmill Training' or something like that.
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    your muscles can get used to the same workouts and will most likely not get any bigger if you don't do different workouts, but if your just worried about weight loss then you will keep burning calories, but you may need to increase the intensity/pace.  If you want to switch it up, do weight training one day and cardio the next.
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    I also work out on the elliptical... I have always had "man legs" and felt that running/treadmill just bulked me up even more; but I don't seem to have that problem on the elliptical.

    I do a different preprogrammed workout on the elliptical each time I use it. I feel changing the height/resistance gives me a different workout so I don't get in a rut.. hopefully I'm right. :) Good luck with your workout.
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