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Special K Challenge!

My fiance and I (in addition to working out) decided to give the Special K Challenge a go. So we went to the store and stocked up on what we need, so we'll see if there are any good results to post in two weeks!
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Re: Special K Challenge!

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    Yeah, considering you'll be consuming about 1000 calories a day, I'm sure there will be results in two weeks.

    Update us again two weeks after that when you go back to eating normally and gain it all back.

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    SO what exactly will your meal plan look like?
    Because will you be able to get in all the protein you need, all the veggies  you need, all the vitamins and minerals you need, etc on it? 
    All that crap is processed... YOu would be better off just eating more cleanly. 
    Good luck... but.. what happens when it's done and over with?
    1. It will fail, and you will just have wasted a ton of time and money on a hoax-y diet
    2. You will lose weight. 
    Now how do you keep that weight off since you're not on the challenge anymore?

    Just things to think about.. 
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    Good luck. I hope it works for you. I did the Special K diet, though, and I was completely miserable and starving all the time. I also got massive headaches, most likely from all the processed shiiit I was eating instead of real food.

    With only one "real" meal a day, there is just no way you can eat all of the vitamins and minerals you need.
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    Ditto to everything above. Your body is going to think it's starving on this diet. You will probably lose weight because your calorie intake is so low. But as soon as you eat regular food again, you will gain it all back.You are better off trying to eat less and eat better than going on this diet.
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    Yea I've already decided I don't like it.
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    That didn't take long.. lol.
    If you haven't opened anything, I would try returning it and buying veggies... Muuuuch better :P 
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