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Foods that fill you up...

I am almost at my goal weight, so I decided to step up my workout regiment. I am really hitting the gym as hard as I can without burning myself out. My problem is the more I work out the hungrier I am!

My question is...What are some foods you eat that keep you fuller longer?

I usually eat a Banana before the gym. After the gym oatmeal with almonds, egg whites with whole grain toast or greek yogurt with natural granola. A couple hours later my stomach will start growling. I know it's a sign my metabolism is working, but it's annoying!!

Re: Foods that fill you up...

  • Every time I start to get kind of hungry in-between meals, i usually eat a few saltines. they do the trick. they are also really good as a snack with all natural peanut butter.
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  • I try to go for protein and fibre... a hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, or fibre cereal.

  • Honestly anything packed with protein and fiber should help.  Almonds are my latest favorite for snacks to tie me over.  I also add flax seed to certain foods to up the fiber content, and it really keeps me full for longer. 

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  • I find that apples satisfy my hunger, and they're such a delicious treat.


  • I usually just go for some type of fruit or veggie that's is currently in season/on sale. Usually tons of fiber and low calories. I think that there is a boredom component to feeling full for me - If I eat exactly the same thing three days in a row what filled me up on day one won't be enough on day two or three! I have also found that eating something high in protein immediately after working out doesn't always go well for me - I pretty much stick to shakes with a banana and either peanut butter, chocolate soy milk, fage 0% greek yogurtor protein powder.

    With that in mind my latest snacks have been a whole cucumber peeled and sliced with a little balsamic or an artichoke steamed with lemon, garlic, and bay leaf (so I don't feel compelled to dip it in anything). Oranges, bananas and apples are pretty solid standbys. 
  • Is there some reason you can't eat every 3-4 hours? If you eat about 300 calories at each mini-meal, you can eat 4 times a day and stay at 1200 calories. You can eat more calories at a meal of your choice if you work out that day. That might help keep you full throughout the day.

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  • Hi - Congrats at almost being at your goal weight - that's awesome!!! (I'm working on mine!)

    I also find that lots of veggies are great - low calories and they fill you up - sometimes I'll cook a whole lot at once, so they are easy to reach for when I'm really hungry; brown rice; some lean turkey meat; rice crackers; almonds; a small salad.

    Good luck!
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  • YEAH for you! That is awesome.

    I think these comments are great. I agree with Veggies and Protien. You have to find what works for you and your schedule.

    The best thing that works for me is Shakeology. It is so much more than a meal replacment and it keeps me satisfied longer than any full meal could. Here is a link if you want to know more: SHAKEOLOGY

    Or let me know if you have any questions, I can not say enough about what the benefits I have seen, but don;t want to bore you if you are not interested :)

    good luck!
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