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Workout Accountability: Wednesday

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone else is still resting and not having to work today (unlike me).

There were some ups and downs for me for the weekend through the holiday.

Friday: Food was good, managed to go to the gym and get 40 minutes on the elliptical before I drove across the state. 

Saturday: Food was over where I wanted to be, made it to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio and some weightlifting though.

Sunday: Food was okay, but I drank because it was my husbands birthday party that I was hosting. Went over on calories for the day...did manage to go to the gym though and get 45 minutes of cardio (So happy my sister was in town and has a membership at a national gym and she could bring a guest for free)

Monday: Went overboard on treats at christmas eve dinner. Didn't get any exercise for the day.

Tuesday: There were once again zero healthy options at any of the 3 meals I attended so food was pretty bad for the day - again I didn't get any exercise (other than lugging stuff to and from my car)...drove home at night.

So so happy to be back and start my routine again.

Re: Workout Accountability: Wednesday

  • Morning! I'm back at work today too, but crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow. Helllo 2 feet of snow tonight. 

    Lets see, Friday I ate well and my only workout was walking my dog for about a mile, so nothing really sine I don't typically log doggie walks. 

    Saturday I ate well. FI and I broke into the gym (yay perks of his job) and got a good work out. A run and leg machine circuit.

    Sunday I ate well, no workout.

    Monday I ate fairly decent, no workout.

    Tuesday I ate pretty bad, but not nearly as badly as I could hve or otherwise would have if I wasn't trying to lose weight. No workout again.

    I got back into the gym this morning though, thank goodness. 
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  • @Kwith - yes, I work for a company that is open 364 days a year (Christmas is the ONLY day they're closed), so they expect the corporate office to pretty much always be open during normal business hours. Like you, I'm hoping to play catch up because I took Monday off. There's actually more activity here than I thought there would be! I was hoping it would be a quiet rest of the week.
  • Hello ladies!

    Like most people here, I'm preparing for snow-pocalypse that's apparently underway.  Which means my fiance has banned me from going to the gym after work, because it's a bit of a drive and will probably be pretty treacherous.  It's a bummer because I want to get back into the routine, but he's very rational and has a point.  One more day won't kill me.

    I had ups and downs over Christmas.  I did make it to the gym on Christmas eve for a 3 mile run (still breaking in those shoes but so far so good!) and a 30 minute bike ride.  Then Christmas morning I did a pilates dvd.  So yay for staying active.  I didn't really hold back food-wise at all though.  Which isn't terrible, because we all need that from time to time.  And I never gorged, but I definitely let myself enjoy more cookies and sweets than I usually would.  So all in all some wins and some losses, but I'm pretty ok with it.

    Since the gym is out tonight, I'll try to do some pilates and strength train some at home.  Provided I don't get snowed into work!!!

    Stay safe everyone who's getting snowed on!

  • Hey everyone! Still not back to normal here, but am on the way!

    I'm officially out of the challenge - missed a full week of Insanity with the flu. I'm not as drained as I was, and today we went sliding, so that's something. I'm also wondering why I haven't been skiing yet, and am planning to remedy that this week.

    Been tracking my food for a couple of weeks now, and I AM undereating. Not a huge shock. I will work on upping my caloric intake (in a good way). I am also going to get a new scale.

    Looking forward to an active winter! Yay skiing, snowmobiling, sliding and snoweshoeing!
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