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jello mousse cups

Has anyone tried those mousse cups by jello? Theyre only 60 calories so im tempted to try them out. I think id get the dark chocolate one....are they worth trying? Do they "satisy" your sweet tooth?

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Re: jello mousse cups

  • I love the caramel ones! I like them because they are lighter than pudding!
  • I wasnt a huge fan because of the is not the texture of real mousse. The flavor was ok though!
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    [QUOTE]I prefer the yoplait whips in chocolate mousse flavor, its not as chocolaty but better texture, and actually good for you, not just less bad for you like the pudding.
    Posted by katieanne85[/QUOTE]

    Mmmmm.... I have never seen the chocolate mousse yoplait! I must try it.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: jello mousse cups : Mmmmm.... I have never seen the chocolate mousse yoplait! I must try it.
    Posted by melro1479[/QUOTE]
    I usually have to hunt around for it in the giant wall of yogurt display, but the whips are all good, the key lime pie is also yummy. :)
  • Try freezing them (I froze the dark choc. and they were awesome!). Especially if you are in the mood for ice cream. :)
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  • They are ok. I would rather have regular pudding. They didnt feel you as much as regular pudding. I didnt really get my chocolate fix on it either. Theyre ok but I prob wouldnt buy them again. The texture was kinda wierd too.
  • suger free fudgecicles are a much more satisfying chocolate fix.
  • The sugar free jello pudding cups, that are banana fudge flavored are really good!
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