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Sagging Face/Double chin

Ok Ladies, I've been working out and am toned, except for my sace skin sagging, I'm afraid of bad it's going to look in photos!  I'm 27..any good recommendations for good skin creams or ideas?

Re: Sagging Face/Double chin

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    I would go see an esthetician and get a facial.  She can then recommend products appropriate for your skin. 
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    Nothing you can do about a double chin except lipo - I have one, I have also been underweight and still had one! I am also a skin therapist/beauty therapist. I have had an appointment with a dermatologist for lip-dissolve, but decided it's not for me. If it is a pocket of fat, you have to remove that fat. Saggy skin however - go get an amazing facial! So worth it, and so relaxing.
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    If your skin is saggy, you should also be changing your diet. Drink tons of water and do research about foods that will increase your skin's elasticity and may also want to look into taking vitamins.
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