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Getting in Shape


I need it! I started today with the workout plan. Wedding is in March. My biggest problem is sticking to an eating right/exercise plan. Please help! Thanks! :)

Re: Motivation

  • Motivation is hard. What helped me was to "study" myself.  I kind of wrote down when I ate, what I ate and WHY.  Pretty quickly I discovered that the days I made bad choices with food were the days I was stressed/anxious/sad/hormonal.

    I don't think will power is worth fighting your whole life.  Instead, stock your kitchen with ONLY good things (so the bad food isn't there if you fall of the wagon) and make sure you're dealing with bad/stressful feelings FIRST instead of just keeping tabs on your diet and exercise.

    When I'm feeling good mentally, I make a lot better choices about diet and exercise.

    Oh, and instead of doing dinners/happy hours with friends, start going for walks and meet up for coffee.  Again, just avoid temptation!  Socializing doesn't mean ruining all your hard work.
  • Thanks xcrew! I am 3 days into the 30 day shred and 5 days into just better choices! I hope I can keep it up! Way motivated right now! I put an old pic of me on the beach as motivation for Jamaica in 3 months! :)
  • When u feel the motivaiton lagging, call a friend or even ur fiance and tell them that u are determined to workout/resist that craving, sometimes when we say it out loud to other people we begin to make better choices, we don't want to go back on our word. Have a friend or family member text or call u at a certain time everyday to remind u to get up and go! make sure it's not somebody who will except excuses...sometimes our motivation has to come from within and without...I try to keep all my dance music close by and have a timer on my radio so that it will start playing at a certain time everyday, I cannot resist good music and the urge to dance so no matter how unmotivated I've become I always get up and go!! I also watch A LOT of workout videos, watching other people work out makes me want my lifestyle change to succeed! I only stock the house with foods that I should eat...every once in awhile I will eat a "junk" food but I do not keep it in the house, we have to go out for it!! and take time to yourself everyday...I have learned I will think more about myself when I take just a few minutes a day to just reflect on me, I think about my emotional state, my health goals, family goals and personal goals and that always motivates me to do better....and it is not enough to just sit alone, I mean really take some time and think about only u! Good luck!!

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