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Workout Accountability: Wednesday

Morning ladies and happy hump day!

Workout went sort of as planned - still a mish-mosh day with the yoga dvd not working.  Eating was going well until I stress snacked, and then FI brought my home gummy candies (my favorite) and wine.  I fully enjoyed both, quite a bit. :)

Hopefully I can cut back on the snacking today.  It's also our very LAST p90x weight day (legs, back, and abs.)  And, ugh, do I hope work is better today, and my boss has calmed back down.

How are you all doing?  Hope everyone has a great day!

Re: Workout Accountability: Wednesday

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    Lobsters--Yay to the last day of your workout plan!  It's been a long haul!  Way to go!

    I didn't do a whole lot exercise wise yesterday.  I practiced our dance that we are learning for a little while, but that's about it.  I don't know what I will do today.  I have to meet the florist after work, and I have a short lunch due to being on phones today.  Maybe it's more dancing later.
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    Lobsters hope you have a better work day!!

    Even though our cupcake meeting went super late last night I still went to the gym and did weights for 30 minutes. I didn't leave until almost 10pm! But I got a good back and abs work out in. This morning I ran 3.25 miles on the treadmill. I could have run outside I guess but I'm not really familiar with the area yet so I chose not to. I weighed in this morning and down another pound. Hope everyone is having a good hump day!
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    Good morning ladies!

    Even though I was tired yesterday, I managed to get a short walk in with co-workers in the afternoon, then after my volunteer art event I squeezed in a quick bike ride before the sun set. Yesterday was just too beautiful to not take advantage of it!

    Tonight I'm trying to convince myself to go to body pump, but if FI has the night off (it's been so busy for us I don't even know his schedule this week), it's quite possible I'll choose another bike ride over being stuck in the gym.

    Overall I'm exhausted and not very motivated this week. I'm hoping I can get enough sleep tonight and feel energized enough tomorrow to get some really good cardio in.
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    Morning Ladies!

    Lobsters Congrats on it being the last workout!! You must be so proud of yourself and I gotta say, you had perfect timing with the P90X and the wedding! I hope work goes better today :)

    Mari- You had mentioned in a post you were thinking you may have lost too much, do you still have a goal to lose a certain amount more before the wedding?

    Still not feeling 100% and my eating is way off, so no real cardio of any sort going on yet until I can get back into the food swing of things. I did weights this morning before work but thats all I could get in. Hopefully I can get back into it soon but I think I'm in more of a maintain mode at this point.

    Have a great day ladies!
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    I wanted to be able to say I lost 40 lbs. I know, I know, the number on the scale is not everything. I've lost 39 so far lol. So I'm almost there. I'm still kind of struggling with what my goal is. I don't feel curvy anymore, which kind of makes me sad, but at the same time I still feel like I have a pretty significant amount of body fat I need to lose. So I'm sort of strugging with where I'm at I guess.
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    Hey everyone,

    I am not new to the knot; I actually got married in May 11 and I used this message board before then. I lost about 15 lbs before my wedding by working out, eating healthier, and being accountable on this board. I sadly gained it back, then some, after the wedding because I was trying to be super-wife and cook AMAZING dinners every night of the week. I literally gained 30 pounds, and was at the heaviest I have ever been. Part of that weight gain, according to my doc, is from the Depo Provera shot that I was taking. Now, I have switched to another form of BC, and started cleaning up my diet. I try to eat about 90% clean now, and so far I have lost about 17 lbs. I would like to lose 40 in all though, so I still have a way to go. Anyways, sorry for the novel, but I am just going to jump right in with this post...accountability is what helped me lose weight last time, so this time I hope it helps again!

    Yesterday, I didn't exercise because I felt I needed a rest day. Today, however, I am going to try and hit the weights for some leg work and do C25K tonight. I am NOT a runner, but I want to run the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in October in Dallas, so I am trying to make myself like it!

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    Oh ok, I understand what your saying. When you are used to looking at yourself a certain way for a long period of time, it takes some time to adjust to your new body. But, you've worked so hard to get to where you are and 40lbs is a HUGE accomplishment. I'm struggling with a similar dilema, I've lost nearly 20 and while I'm actually pretty happy with my size I really want to tone up some more.

    At this point though, I have no idea how to maintain and tone rather than lose because its all I've done for so long! haha!
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    No workout again today. I'm exhausted and hopefully will feel better tomorrow. Luckily the eating has been on track. The planned healthy menus for dinner has been working well. Last night we had pan fried salmon teriyaki, wilted spinach and roasted potatoes. Hopefully the scale will reward me on Friday even though the workouts are lacking.

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    Sure come on over any time.   I love to cook.  Unfortunately I haven't done much of it lately as we were too busy with buying a house, selling the condo and planning the wedding.  Now that all that is behind us I can finally find time to cook again.  

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    I just went out and bought candy corn.  Within about 15 minutes I am already seriously sugar crashing.  Darn you candy corn.

    Also sampled the candy corn m&ms.  Gross.

    Legs and back this afternoon fueled by candy?  Going to be worst workout EVER
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    @Lobsters: We all have those moments...its ok! And your wedding is in a week, I can't even imagine everything that you have on your plate!

    Happy hump day to everyone!

    Does anyone have the Nike Training App on their phone? Well I tried a workout off there for the first time today and it was pretty good! I did the intermediate because my friend told me she does the beginner and its hard for her. It was only 30 minutes which I felt was a little too short (I guess I am just so used to hour long classes at 24 hour fitness...) so maybe I will try 2 in a row next time? Anyway, it was an easy workout to just set music on my phone and do it in my living room.

    I also went to check out the gym at my new university (just moved for grad school) yesterday and its awesome! Can't wait to start going in a week!!
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    Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

    Eating was good yesterday until about 8:30pm when we went over to see a couple we're friends with who are moving later this month.. Yup.. They had the ruffle chips out with the homemade onion dip, and these cheese garlic bread pizzas they insisted we try.. Plus 2 beers... It was delicious. I don't feel bad about it, but my body sure did. Risking TMI, I was pooping up a storm this morning (sorry if that offends anyone, talking about poop does not bother me what-so-ever).

    Today I'm going to keep my eating in check to make up for last evening's snacking, and after work I'm headed to an information session on essential oils for health & home. Depending on how long it takes, I'll fit some sort of physical activity in before or after.

    Have a good day everyone!
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    Afternoon lovely ladies!

    I have been sooo scattered lately that I have forgotten to post :(

    Last night I went to the gym, weights, and following that was so motivated I did 30DS which I skipped in the morning, bad Renee.  This morning I woke up and did the 30 DS, starting my final 5 days with Jillian.  I've decided to switch it up after the rest of the 30DS and move to a bootcamp DVD in the morning and C25K in the evening, on my off gym days.  Seems silly to go the C25k since I've already run in several, but I haven't run in years ... so it's time to go back, right?

    Hope everyone has a great day! :)
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    Hi everyone, hope your Wednesdays went well!

    I woke up early this morning to get a decent run in before some meetings, but felt like I was dragging myself through all 3 miles, which is half of the distance I usually do.  Just generally felt like my legs were heavy and everything seemed twice as hard as usual.  I'm not sure what that's all about, but if it continues through tomorrow, I might consider taking off a day or adding different cross training in to maybe break-up the running routine?  I also did a pilates workout and took a 3 mile walk with my sister in the evening, which felt MUCH better than my run!

    My eating has not been fantastic.  Nothing awful, just eating out a lot recently which always make me feel a little sluggish and heavy (hmm, maybe that's another reason for the low fuel feeling durring my run.  i probably should've thought about that earlier!).  I did manage to double up on the vegetables with tonight's dinner though and had some grilled chicken, so that felt better!

    But I suppose the exciting news is that I FOUND MY DRESS TODAY!!  I haven't officially put money down on it yet, just because I wanted to give myself a night to think it over, but the more I think about it the more I absolutely love it!!!  I'm so not a "dressy" kind of girl, but this is definitely the exception and seeing myself in a dress has upped my motivation to work out a bit!

    Sorry this was long!!  I'll be more concise next time!!  Hope you all have a fantastic evening and keep up the awesome work!
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