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Thick waist...

I feel like I have a big/thick waist. I don't know how to whittle it down, I feel really big and it is making me insecure. Any thoughts on what to do?

Re: Thick waist...

  • Unfortunately, all the crunches and Pilates in the world won't spot-reduce your abdomen. The only thing you can do is make sure you are doing enough cardio and cutting enough calories to burn fat. Figure out what you're eating now, and cut 500-1000 calories a day, ideally by eating slightly less and working out slightly more. It's that simple. Don't go under 1200 calories a day, period. Slow and steady...
  • The all knowing "they" say that abs are made in the kitchen.  You can never out train a bad diet, and when it comes to abs, nothing could be truer.  I've read several things that have said that a clean diet, free of processed foods, is the best way to help shed belly fat.  You can do exercises that help build your core muscles, but as long as the fat is still there, you wont see them.
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  • Strengthening up your core will help a little because your stomach will be held in, not just hanging there.  Also cut out processed food, sodas and increase your fiber intake.  Its amazing how much bloat is caused by the crap we eat and how slowly we digest it.
  • For thick waists, I think it's more about how you dress than how you diet. Keep up the cardio to shed some pounds overall and try to avoid really processed stuff, sodium and sodas that make you bloat/hold water weight which make you belly look larger than it is.
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