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30 Day Shred and Core Fusion

Anyone tried the Exhale Core Fusion DVDs? Yesterday, I started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred with Core Fusion Body Sculpt right after. Definitely feeling it today! I've heard great things about 30 Day Shred, but has anyone done Core Fusion Body Sculpt? What kind of results did you have? Can/should it be done every day? (I know it's recommended that you do 30 DS every day... which is going to be tough, but hopefully worth it!!) Thanks in advance :)
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Re: 30 Day Shred and Core Fusion

  • PP is right - the changes in your body actually happen on your 'rest' days - not the days you work out. That's why it's important to rest between working muscle groups. Every time you work out, you create little tears in the muscles, and as they repair (during rest) they are reshaped.

    I've done 30DS, but not the other. Week 3 is awesome! I did it 3x a week and saw good results.
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  • Yeah, I don't recommend doing 30DS every single day. I tried that, and by day 9 I was utterly exhausted and I had hurt my knees doing the lunges and squats improperly (because I was so tired!). I would take some rest days in there, there's a lot of resistance work going on and those muscles need time to repair!

    Good luck! Have fun with it!
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