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Needing to Lose Fifty Pounds

Hello, all!  My wedding was originally planned for 8/5/12.  My fiance broke his neck (and has now mostly recovered) and we had to postpone the wedding.  We bought the wedding bands before the accident.  Thanks to the stress of what happened, I gained sixty pounds.  I need to lose at least fifty for my ring to fit again.  I have just over nine months until my wedding.  I'd appreciate any advice on how to lose the weight.

I am a vegetarian, and have begun working out.

Re: Needing to Lose Fifty Pounds

  • Like Anna posted, that gives an overview. 

    Good for you for starting to work out. That can be the hardest part.. just getting the booty in gear! 
    Remember that beign vegetarian doesn't make it any easier to lose weight. In fact, it can work against you. I have been a vegan for a while now and guess what I learned? A lot of chips are vegan. A lot of candy is vegan.. mm.. isn't that handy :P 

    You have lots of tiem with 9 months to work with, but long-term goals can be REALLY overwhelming and can hold you back.. so try to break that up into a couple months at a time with little goals. 

    Feel free to join in on the daily accountability threads and stick around. 
    Welcome and GL!
  • Hey there!!  9 months is plenty of time to lose the weight - but you need to make sure you are doing it in a healthy way.  A lot of times starvation or crash diets cause us to gain all the weight back eventually.  Try to eat clean foods (no processed or refined foods) and eat enough each day so you have energy to get through the day and don't end up binging.
    I am a health and nutrition coach who supports brides in getting fit for their wedding.  Check out my blog/websites for more info:
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    I had really great results with the Body for Life program ( I had one free day a week, ate six small meals a day, and began to see results very quickly. It's more of a life change than a diet plan, but for many, that's what's necessary-a good hard look at your eating habits and seeing a need for change. I lost 50 pounds in under a year (taking a couple breaks around the holidays), going from 185 to 135. At 5'10", I was able to fit in a size 6 dress for my friend's wedding, and now have a small six-pack and yoga muscles! :) I recommend checking out their website for success stories, sample meal plans, and and overview of the plan. It was very simple to follow, and I was never starving myself.
  • I am getting married in 6 months and we are taking a trip to Oregon next week  to suprise our families with our much anticipated news.  The day after I get back, I am starting Weight Watchers.  IT is great and you can work out and eat pretty much whatever you want and lose successfully.  Good Luck Good Luck
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