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I've been doing REALLY well for the last couple of months working out 4-5 times a week and eating really well. I've lost 10lbs and 13inches (which is good seeing as my starting weight was 145 in Jan). ANYWAYS, I woke up at 1am sooooo sick (sore throat, achy etc). I had to leave work early... I'm so sad that I couldn't work out (I'm way to achy to work out). I have a doc appointment in the morning and I'm sure things will be back on track in a couple of days but it feels like a set back :(
No one I talk to really gets why I'm upset and says "just rest for a couple of days".... but I don't to lose all my progress!

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  • thanks! I tried to stay on the lower end of my calories today... but definately splurged on some comfort food for dinner (which for me is Zoodles and toast haha)
  • I know what you mean.. It sucks when you skip even one day because you worry about getting out of your routine... It's like going on vacation.. It's sooo hard to get back on the horse. Don't let it stress you out, though. If you're that sick, just give your bod what it needs until you're out of the achey phase of it, and then get back to your routine. 
    Try not to drop your cal count too much. Your body is fighting a bug and it needs the energy, even if you are just laying around. 
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    [QUOTE]thanks! I tried to stay on the lower end of my calories today... but definately splurged on some comfort food for dinner (which for me is<strong> Zoodles</strong> and toast haha)
    Posted by shaunaceyh[/QUOTE]

    What the heck are Zoodles.
    Just stick to a low cal/ clean eating diet when not able to work out. You'll still lose weight

  • Sometimes the body needs a vacation from exercise, and you might actually benefit from it.  And it could be worse,  I am halfway through a 2 month break from running because I went too hard for too long and eventually broke down.  

    One thing I've learned from injuries/ time off is that they give you time to reflect on what you were doing, both right and wrong, and you end up fully charged to get back into it.

    You'll get through it and be even stronger coming back.  just rest while you can

    You actually might lose some weight while sick because you will not feel like eating/your body is working overtime to fight the bug.  Just rest and as soon as you feel better go work out.  I know it's hard!!

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