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Disney Princess Half Marathon

So I'm considering running this in February. Is anyone here considering it?
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Re: Disney Princess Half Marathon

  • I know a few of the ladies on other boards have run this race and said it was an absolute blast, so, I'd go for it!
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    A Disney race is on my Bucket list. One thing that worries me is coralling, I am going to call next week about that. I will have to run a new race this fall for my coral time I'm a much faster runner than my 10 milers and halfs present. I'd like to sign up for the race sooner though.  All of the prior races were done after massive injuries or health issues. I dont want to be coralled with 9:30-10:00 runners when I would like to run this for time and I can run this distance sub 9 I've clocked a comfortable 12 miles at 8:45 pace about a month back in the heat. In the cold a sub 8:40 or even sub 8:30 is not unquestionable. I run about 30 seconds to 1 minute faster in cold temps. This spring I broke almost all of my prs (even in the heat of may and june )except my 10 mile and that was due to it being my first race since breaking my leg.
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  • DO IT!!!!  I am SO jealous.  I've been wanting to run a Disney marathon since I started running. They also have this series where you run the Disney World and Disney Land versions in the same year and get a special medal; I want that one for my fridge like no other :D  Too bad going to FL is kind of cost-prohibitive for me :(  That said, it's not their only half marathon weekend in the year.  They do a few a year (e.g., there's a wine and dine half marathon there in November).  Don't turn this one down!
  • I wanted to do the tower of terror 10 miler with my cousin. But my half ironman is literally right behind it. Doing a 10 miler for time and then a half ironman for time within a week of each other and double travel = bad idea.

    I cant do tower of terror next year either because its going to be right about the time of my wedding :/
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  • I have always wanted to do a disney marathon as well.  I say go for it!
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  • I've run this for the last two years- it is sooooo much fun.  It's the least stressful race I have ever run.  If you're trying to run it for a specific time, though, save your money and don't run this.  It's an expensive race, but it's an experience like none other; I have so many great pictures from along the race route.  I can't wait for 2013, it's the 5th anniversary and should be even more incredible.

    Good luck if you decide to run, which I highly encourage!!!
  •  I am doing it but I don't have anyone to run with anymore. My partner in crime backed out :/ 
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