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What do you do with your ring while working out?

I just got engaged, so I'm still figuring out when/where to wear my ring.

I don't think I want to take it off when i go to my local gym, but will lifting weights scratch the band?

what do you do?

Re: What do you do with your ring while working out?

  • I wear my ring while working out.  I've been engaged for almost 10 months and I think that the scratches on the band are from every day normal wear. I haven't had much of a problem lifting weights with it on myself, but I guess it would depend on the size of your band too and if it gets in the way.

  • I wear mine to work out.  I don't think it scratches the band any more than daily life does.  Your other option is to put it on a necklace around your neck if you want to have it with you, but not on your hand.
  • I take them off and leave them in a pocket in my wallet, and put them back on afterwards. They are a tad big on me and move around too much when I sweat, I also dont like them pressing into my hand/fingers when I do weights or hold onto the rowing bar. Its just easier to take mine off and leave them in my locker or at home if I go to the gym from there first.
  • I wear mine when I work out.  Doesn't seem to bug me.  Then again, I don't lift weights a whole lot.  I would suggest that if you're not going to wear them at the gym, leave them at home in a safe place.  We have a theft problem at my gym so I don't let anything out of my sight!
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  • I don't wear my ring when I exercise. (I don't really lift weights though) But I am also the type who takes off my jewelry as soon as I get home because it seems that I'm always conscious of it and it kind of annoys me. So I often leave my ring in it's box. I mostly do work-out videos or go running though also so it's not like anyone notices. If I was to go to the gym from school or something I'd probably keep it on for safety's sake, but it would annoy me. However, I'm getting married in a couple weeks and I think when I have my band I'll wear it alone a lot of the time for these types of activities. HTH but I really just think it's a preference thing. Gotta find what works for you. GL.
  • I actually haven't worn my engagement ring in about 4 months because it is so big on me it got to the point that it fell off.  I wanted to wait until I was at my goal to get it resized.   When I did wear it all the time I took it off to work out.  I would find it annoying to wear it.
  • My jeweler reccomended taking it off when working out, cooking, or doing yard work. I leave it in my glove compartment or at home. I also am not very fond of wearing it when working out.
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  • I also remove rings and my watch when working out - I always have.  I just don't like wearing jewelry when working out, but I suppose it might not be good to wear them due to the possible scratch factor.  When you work out at the gym, can you put a small jewelry box somewhere in your car and then you'll always remember where you put it without worrying about it getting stolen.

    By the way, where are you in NY?  I grew up in Oneonta, near Potsdam and went to college in Western NY.  I also have lived in Syracuse and Plattsburgh.  I miss NY!  And did you decide what to do for your reception (drinks)?  I was curious about how that turned out.
  • I leave it on the window ledge above the kitchen sink.  Probably because that's where my parents put theirs any time they aren't wearing it.  I have a little dish there for all my rings and such.

    I take it off when I work out - because most of the time it's some sort of vigorous activity with my dog - when I'm cleaning around the house or doing the yard, and when I'm scuba diving.

    But having one consistent place for it greatly reduces my anxiety when I notice that I'm without it.  When I did bring it diving, I tied it to my cell phone.  Because it's bigger, and one of those things I just can't lose.
  • iamjoesgurl - hah! i have had a few ppl follow up with me about that post!! I think we'll do several lemonades in fun glasses for the cocktail/early dinner hour, and I'm hoping (need to talk to my venue) to do the soda bar with the different syrups!! I'm hoping we can get some sliced fruit and rimming sugars to make it a little more fun. After that, if it's in the budget I would love to get the syrups for the coffee too. I think it will work out and I hope everyone will be happy!!
  • I keep my ring on while I work out; in fact, the only time I take it off is for the shower, because all the soap and shampoo and stuff just makes it slip right off.  I've been engaged for just under a year at this point and just looked at my band and it has no scratches on it, shockingly...and I lift weights, so...yay for that!
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  • I keep mine on when I work out. I think the only time I ever take mine off is to take a shower.
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  • I don't like to wear my ring when I work out - sometimes when I sweat it will turn and I don't want to do any damage to it can be a little distracting. I bought like a $2 stretchy band that has white and silver beads on it to wear anytime I don't have my engagement ring on. It's comfortable and stays in place - plus if I lose it...who cares!?!
  • I leave mine on for everything (including exercise) except showering- I'd rather get it dirty or even scratched than lose it. I don't wear jewelry, so I don't want to take the chance that I'd accidentally forget it somewhere. HTH!
  • I used to take mine off every time I went to the gym.  As I got more and more used to it, I started to take it off less and less.  Now I always wear it to the gym, and I don't think that weights have scratched the band at all.  I do take it off when I run, though, because it drives me crazy when I'm running for some reason.
  • I wear it, and it doesn't bother me (weights, running or yoga).

    I take mine off in the shower because I feel like soap and shampoo leave a residue that makes it dirtier so much faster. Other than that, I mostly leave it on all the time, although for some cooking stuff where I need to use my hands I'll take it off, and I always take it off when I use lotion with self-tanner because I'm afraid I might somehow dye it orange, haha.
  • I have my own weights at home and I do take my ring off. With the weights at my gym I used to go to I didn't feel I needed to, but my set feels like it would scratch the bajeesus out of my rings! Plus it depends on what lifts you are doing. I would think things like overhead press with a barbell, deadlifts, stuff like that would be more likely to damage than using the silly machines... so if you think what you are doing might damage it go ahead and take it off! Probably leaving it at home would be best.
  • i wear my ring. I am afraid if I ever take it off, I will lose it!
  • I take mine off and lock it in a locker. I sweat so much that my ring just slips around and I'm constantly worried about it falling off my finger. 
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