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so due to the 4 inches of water in my basement and the fact that I did not want to lug all the weights up stairs to workout....I decided instead to enjoy a glass of wine and do nothing but sit on the couch all night  :/

did this annoying rain ruin anyone else's workout plans? (for all on the east coast anyway).  HAHA I know it's a poor excuse...where there is a will there is a way, after all..right?

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    It's still pouring in Brooklyn. It didn't actually prevent me from working out, but I had to wait around for my Super to show up - Ceiling leaking above our bed, and bathroom ceiling came in, water streaming through ceiling. Luckily it's draining right into the bathtub, but the plaster is still falling down. 
    I plan on getting back on track tomorrow... provided an ark doesn't show up first. 
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    Raynes, I'm in the Detroit area and we're experiencing the same weather you are...  Isn't it awesome???  I am off on Friday and I am so geeked about the fact that its a high in the 70s.  The dog and I will definitely be enjoying the day outside!
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    I'm loving it.  I'm realllly hoping to get in some outside time, raking up the lawn and pruning back the dead crap in the gardens, but I know the H is going to want to be inside grouting.  Booooring.  At least we can open all the windows and shut off the furnace!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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