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So, my problem is similar to bridetobe's post last week.  

I mentioned before in my escort card post, we need to know exactly who is ordering what dish so that we can personalize escort cards with different colored ribbons so our servers know which meal a particular guest ordered. 

We finished writing our invitation wording, reception card wording, and other inserts to send to our designer, but my fiance and I are SO STUCK on figuring out how to do the meal choices on the RSVP card. 

Here is the issue: 
Most RSVP cards we have seen with a meal choice just leave lines for checkmarks.  We need to know exactly who is ordering which meal.  

I suggested that we just have guests write their initials next to the meal they are choosing. Well, we both have lots of families that are big with lots of cousins - and many of them have the same initials! (Example - fiance has three cousins from the same family whose initials are ND)

Fiance suggested adding 5 lines or something to the RSVP card and asking guests to write their full name and meal choice on the line.  This is a horrible idea, I think, because a couple who was invited, but their kids are not invited, might get the wrong impression from the number of lines being provided and try to write in their children's names!  Also, we have a few HUGE families we are inviting (one set of cousins are a family of 7 and they are all coming) so how in the world would we fit all of their names on a card? 

As you can see, I am kind of freaking out and don't know how to do this. 

FYI: We will have three main meal choices (chicken, salmon, and vegetarian), plus 2 kids meals (chicken or vegetarian [fiance's family has a handful of vegetarian kids]).   

You geniuses came up with the ribbon idea for identifying meal choices on our place cards (which my caterer,  my fiance, and my mom all LOVE by the way!) so I am hoping there is an easy solution to this that my mind just isn't thinking of!
Thanks in advance ladies :) 


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    Is it a possibility to include a separate RSVP card for each guest?  We are kind of in the same situation, and have considered ordering RSVP cards for each person invited as opposed to each couple/family.  Then each person could RSVP and fill out their choices individually, but send the cards back in the same envelope to save on postage?  This would also clarify how many guests are invited and make it easier if some people in a family can attend but not others.  

    I don't know though - It might be annoying in your case for a family of 7 (yikes) to get 7 cards.  Also, for us this would only cost an extra $40 or so.  I'd be curious to hear other opinions on this.
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    Hmm I can't think of any way to get around either having the guests write their full name next to their meal choice (in which case you may have to provide a large number of lines, which could confuse/offend guests whose children aren't invited) or just having guests initial which selection they would like.

    Can you just do the initial thing, and hope that guests with multiple of the same initials clarify who they each are for (and for those who don't, just f/u with after you receive the RSVP)?

    Are you having the traditional "M____" lines on your card, or are you trying to combine it all with the meal requests? If the latter, than you really can't do the initial option anyway, as you'll need to know which guests are attending.
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    We have the same situation. What we decided was that people will still indicate their names on the card like normal (M_____________ or Name_____________) and the card will also say "please initial below to indicate your meal choice" or something like that. I also have one family that will have 7 people from one house, and I have mentioned to my friend that they might just need to write their choices on the back of the card! You could also ask the company that you are ordering your invites from. They do this stuff all day long, so they should be able to come up with an idea or two.

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    Ditto kristiemk's suggestion.

    I would recommend numbering your RSVP's to coincide with your guest list... that way you have an idea which RSVP came from who based on the number on the back.  People in both FI's and my family have horrific handwriting so I'm counting on ineligible signatures and am hoping to avoid confusion this way.
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    I believe i put a copy of my RSVP in bridetobes post last week.  If not I would have to do it when I am home from work.

    But either way I also needed to know exactly who will be having what meal so our wording includes writing your name and circling your entree choice.

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    I will be able to post in more detail when I get home tonight! PM me your email & I can send u what mind looks like =)
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    It is similar to my issue - we also need to know every single person's choice for the caterer. And like you, we have a lot of "CS" so it's going to get complicated. I figure, since they are related and presumably replying as a result of the same invitation, live together, so they will likely be seated at the same table. If they notice that they get the wrong meal, they'll just switch. No big deal, and I think it's the best we can do.

    Here's what we came up with (not sure how the formatting will show up on here):



    ~ CEREMONY AND RECEPTION   Accepts ____   Declines ____ 
    ~ BUS TRANSPORTATION             Accepts ____   Declines ____ 
    ~ FAREWELL BRUNCH                    Accepts ____   Declines ____     

    Please initial reception entrée choice for each guest:
    Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Bordelaise _____
    Sea Bass en Croute _____
    Malaysian Vegetable Curry with Cous Cous (V) _____ 

    The favor of reply is requested by the Fourteenth of June.
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    I was at a wedding last summer that did it a little differently. I dont have a photo, since I had to send it back, but her RSVPs were in the form of a chart. like this kind of. 

                         Meal 1                    Meal 2                   Meal 3          etc....
    Name 1             X
    Name 2                                         X

    And this was the rsvp card, with the address and stamp on the other side. its a little less formal obviously, but you could dress it up with the font, and then you will know each guests name and meal choice specifically
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