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Has anyone out there ever tried crossfit before? Did you like the results? FI and I have been toying around with checking out a crossfit gym after the honeymoon. The results I see people get are amazing but the work outs look really intimidating. Like I'm not strong enough to do a full unassisted pull up or anything like that. What kind of fitness level do you need to be at to try this?
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Re: Crossfit?

  • From what FSIL has told me you can really be at "any" fitness level to start doing this.  They have basic classes that you can attend that will teach you how to properly do some of the moves, etc.  They push you yet work you up to a higher level of fitness gradually.  FSIL has been doing it for a year now and while she really didn't have anything to lose I think she has toned up a little bit.  

    The main downside and reason to why I haven't tried it, is that it is VERY expensive and in order to see results you need to go continuously and not sporadically.  One of these days I'd love to try it but until then I might follow people's "own" crossfit workouts.  FI's friend runs with logs in the woods, etc.  Crazy stuff!
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    Crossfit is a blast, but it's a killer workout. There are ways to edit every workout to your individual fitness level and they help you with that. Though, after the intro class, you are expected to be able to do most of it on your own without instruction. And, yes, you need to go at least three days a week (after the intial intro class) to see the results people are getting. Eventually, people get up to every day. Which seems crazy to me.

    I did it for a few months and totally loved it. But in the end, I couldn't justify the $200/mo for a CF studio alone. It was $275 if you also wanted to use the rest of the gym attached to it.
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  • I guess these were basically my concerns, what you guys are saying. Why is it so expensive - I don't get it?? And I wouldn't want to give up my other work outs for this I would want to do it like 1-2 times a week maybe along w/ my other work out routines, so maybe it isn't worth trying right now. Thanks for all the advice!
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  • I've been doing Crossfit for about a year (and I had done it before.) I've seen a lot of changes in my body and I'm much stronger.  I love the community too.  I've made friends.  It's great working out in a group because everyone pushes each other. It's not easy though, but I LOVE IT!
    The workouts are intense, yes, but you scale them to your ability.  I love that the workouts are varied and change frequently.  You'll never get bored and your body will do well with the changed workouts.  My gym also focuses a lot on nutrition.
    My gym is $125 and I get 50% off for being a teacher.  I think it's a great deal for being able to workout 7 days a week.
    If you really want to do it, ask around for discounts- my gym also gives couples discounts.  It's a lot cheaper than personal training and IMO- SO much better than just going to the regular gym. 
    I say go for it if you can make it work!
  • I love crossfit! I've been going for a year now and have had amazing results. I was a division I athlete in college and am in better shape than I have ever been in my life at 26 (almost 27) years old. I have lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6-8. But that wasn't with a complete eating lifestyle change as well.
    Oh and after a year, I still cannot do an unassisted pull up - so no need to worry about that, but now I do lift and run and row just about everything as "prescribed". 

    I will warn you that not all crossfit affiliates are good. There are some bad ones out there. You have to "shop" around. Most offer the first introduction class for free. The biggest thing you should look for in a gym is great, positive, knowledgeable coaches. There are some coaches out there with their certifications, but don't read up and educate themselves. Fitness is an ever growing sport, you will want someone that is on top of everything. The next biggest thing that I noticed not all gyms offer is a group warmup. My gym has a coach walk everyone through a 20 min warm up at the beginning of each session. I usually find this harder than the real workout. But this goes along with a good coach as well. A good coach will want you warmed up so they know you will not get injured. And finally, I think it is best to have a gym that doesn't just go on to the crossfit website and take their workouts, but tailors each and every workout to the needs of their clients. Our owners create our workout plans every day. The only time we ever see repeat workouts is when it is a crossfit "benchmark" workout like Fran or Helen, etc.

    And it is NOTHING compared to going to a regular gym. You are paying for small group instruction. Our classes have 1:10 coach to member ratio. They always want to make sure there are enough coaches to help guide and correct everyone throughout the entire workout. Which is why it's so much. My gym is $135/month for unlimited amounts of classes.

    Also, all of your workouts are already planned for you so there is no walking around a huge gym amelessly where you are just a number. You come in, get warmed up, the coaches demostrate the workout, then you get to work.
    Overall, I think it is the best way to workout, as long as you have a great gym and great coaches.
  • Thanks for posting this! I've been thinking about tryng out crossfit because the gym I have a membership for rock climbing also offers crossft classes that I can take and have been debating trying it out. My gym is only $55 a month and crossfit classes are included after I take a 4 week fundamentals class but that class costs $180 for 2 days a week for 4 weeks which seemed crazy to me but not I think Ill look more into trying it out.
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  • I go to a similar kettlebell gym and I absolutely LOVE it!  I say go for it.
  • I'm coming up on my one year Crossfit "anniversary" this weekend - still can't do my pull-ups without a band. But I'm down to a MUCH skinnier band!

    Long story short - I love it. I only go 2x a week, I run the other days, and while my progress in going up in weight is not as fast as other gym members who work out 3-5x there, its definitely noticeable.
    My reason for loving it is the variety - I would get sooooo bored in yoga, barre classes, body pump, etc etc etc. I got to the point where I could predict the next movement. I also never pushed myself. Even though I want to punch my CF coaches sometimes for telling me to go lower on my squats, they push me, and its good.

    Everything is scalable and anyone can do it, I swear.
  • My only piece of advice is to make sure you go to a REAL crossfit studio. Since crossfit has become new and trendy there are all kinds of new places popping claiming to follow the crossfit routine and they don't. The workouts can be dangerous and not nearly as beneficial.

    Trainer are certified at different levels. Make sure that your trainer is teaching at the proper level.

    Also if you don't like competition, Crossfit is not for you.
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  • I say if you can afford it go for it! My gym (for 3-4 days a week) is $130. I know its expensive but I totally think its worth it because I love it! I think the fundamentals class is also a great way to see if its right for you. (All affiliates offer the fundamentals) Yeah it maybe $200 or so to do a 4 week class but then you know for sure whether its something you want to invest in.

    I've been doing cross fit for about 6months and have seen great results. My whole family has told me I look much leaner and I've drop almost 2 pant sizes. Even the lady at my dress fitting noticed I've trimmed down a good bit. I went from almost a size 10 to 6 (sometimes 8 depending on brand) But here's the kicker... I've only lost 7 pounds, not the 20 or so that most people are looking to lose. So keep in mind that if do crossfit you really can't weigh yourself every week like other diets. You really have to focus on how you feel and the way you look.
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