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working out when sick?

I'm so frustrated!  I'm on week 5 of p90x and want to do it, but I have the flu and am staying home from work... I figure if I'm too sick to work, I probably shouldn't work out, but I don't want to lose any of the results from my hard work over the past few weeks by slacking off.

Re: working out when sick?

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    When you're sick, it's best to just rest and get over the illness. Working out while sick can cause more complications. Rest and as soon as you feel better, get back at it! Drink lots of water and eat healthy.
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    I always go with the saying, if your symptoms are from the neck up, go ahead and work out (sniffles, etc). But if youre having chesty symtoms and truly have influenza, I would absolutely give it a break. Working out when your sick is only going to further run down your immune system. Hope you get better soon!
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    I'm also a proponent of the above/below the neck thinking when it comes to working out when sick.

    A good workout usually makes me feel better if I've got the sniffles or a head cold, but if it's a fever/stomach/chills kind of thing, you're better off resting.  Stressing your body with a workout will only serve to prolong the illness.
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    ditto pps - if you're just sneezing and dealing with a runny nose or something similar, then go for it (but if you're stuffed up, take it easy because breathing may be a little more difficult if you're really pushing yourself). but if you feel weak or woozy at all, just skip it - you don't want to chance an injury, and besides, being sick is your body's way of telling you it needs a break, so rest up!
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    I agree with Raynes. I've had a slight cold this week and while running was harder for me on Tuesday, it really made me feel better. My workout was normal on Wednesday and made me feel even better. But if you're too sick to go to work, you're too sick to exercise.
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    I agree with PP about working out while sick.  My last year of college I had a head cold for 3 weeks and continued going to my workout classes.  I didn't think it was that bad.  Anyway, by the time I finally went to the doctor, I had given myself pneumonia.  Your body wants you to rest and you should try to get better before you really do a strenuous workout.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    Yeah, I'm taking it easy.  I'm 3 1/2 weeks out from my wedding day, I've been going crazy at work, planning all the last minute details of my US wedding from Australia, had a bachelorette party last weekend, and have been doing a p90x video almost every day.  I think my body just decided, "enough!"  

    I just went for a leisurely walk and am feeling ok.  I may do some yoga later and try to get back into it tomorrow.

    It's funny, in the past I've easily gone days/weeks without a real workout and never thought twice about it.  But, now I feel like a total slug and I've only skipped wednesday/thursday/friday!

    Thanks for all your advice!
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