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Newbie alert!

I am newly engaged-actually waiting for my ring to come back resized from the jeweler. It stinks that it will cost $180 or something due to also needing to replace the head (it was his mothers). I don't really know how we will afford that BUT ANYWAYS...

I am elated to be here! I recently had a baby (back in September). Before I got pregnant, I began working out and I lost a little weight but was still overweight. I was at 191.  I gained 50lbs in my pregnancy and have only lost 10 of it. It stinks, and it's really tough! I have a great baby that sleeps through the night but I have gone from working full time to barely working. Due to this, we have a huge drop in income and now I can't afford to go to the gym. It's tough to get out walking because he hates his carseat that hooks into the stroller.

I have started jogging around the inside of my house. It sounds ridiculous! But I want to lose this weight before I get married. I normally would want to get married asap, but I don't want to be focused on how fat I look in my pictures. I am 5'6 and weigh 234lbs. It sucks.

Is anyone else in a similar boat? Is anyone here really overweight and trying to lose it?

Re: Newbie alert!

  • Hey Writerchick - congrats on the engagement and baby - and welcome aboard!

    It's got to be a lifestyle change. Eating well, everything in moderation, and activity. Trust me, as that little cutie grows, you'll get a workout chasing/picking up after/playing with ... you get the idea.

    Everyone here is on their own journey, but is supporting and offering advice to the others. Accountability is a great place to post, and the challenges are new, and super motivating!

    Stick around!
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  • I have also found just cutting calories - without working out - gets me started, but working out helps it come off faster. Maybe get started by doing what you can, then pushing it a little more, a little more, etc.
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  • A popular saying on this board is that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% even if you don't know how/when you'll be able to fit exercise in, you can most definitely start on your diet. And like PP's have said, focus on changing your lifestyle, not just attempting some fad "diet" that isn't sustainable.

    I highly recommend checking out a website like to track your food intake. It has helped me immensely. 
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