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Hey all!

Our wedding is in October 2013. 
I would like to lose 70 pounds (ideally) but im not sure how realistic that is.

Any suggestions on what sort of diets to try, or excercise techniques? 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Help and advice

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    Hey girl!

    With some hard work and dedication, I think you could definitely drop a good bit of weight within the next 14 months. However, I would caution you adopt healthy changes to your normal routine. If you aim to lose 1-1.5lbs/week, you should nearly achieve your goal while still being healthy.

    Are you currently working out? If not, start off walking for 60min/day, 3-5x a week. In time, you'll be able to build the number of times you do it per week and maybe the amount of time you do it. You could also eventually turn that walk into a run; or perhaps join a local gym and discover a class that you really come to enjoy (i.e. spinning, zumba, etc.). Also, make sure you add a bit of strength training to your routine. Again, start slowly, maybe 1-2x a week for 30mins and build from there.

    As for your diet, DO NOT turn to any fad diet--they don't work and are completely unhealthy! However, do make some positive changes to your nutrition. Try to cut out all the refined and processed stuff and opt for nutritious, clean alternatives. I think eating 5 small meals a day (300-400 calories each) really helps curb hunger too! Some of my go-to's include: whole grain cereals like Kashi with skim milk, fruit (try to stick to lower-GI options like berries), veggies (greens, sweet potatoes, salads), clean protein (egg whites, grilled chicken, salmon, turkey breast, etc), and low-fat dairy options (0% fat greek yogurt, skim milk). If you're like me and need a sweet fix, I started buying the 90% cacao chocolate bars and have 2 squares each night--just the right amount of sweetness, but still healthy with antioxidents!

    Best of luck!!! :)
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    I agree with the above, but keep in mind that it takes 21 days to develop ANY routine, whether it's eating better or getting into a workout frame of mind. Developing good habits now might not seem like being productive when you don't see 15lbs fall off in the first two weeks (like some fads claim), but it will balance out in the long run.

    Walking is a great start. Workout dvds are available for all fitness levels, or if you have access, a sesion or two with a personal trainer would be money well spent. Boot camp classes seem to be all the rage now too, and if you like group settings, they are the way to go.

    A few years ago I wanted to get back into working out, but was bored with the gym scene. I ended up taking an adult karate class. It was amazing! Not only did it give an amazing workout, but it taught me self defense and was a great outlet for frustration. I never expected to like the combat part as much as I did - and I was SO proud when I passed my belt exam, because I had worked HARD for it.

    The key is that you have to like whatever you're doing, or it becomes another chore, and that's harder to stick to.

    Good luck, and keep posting here, there's lots of great advice, and the accountability posts are a great help too!
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