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need workout advice

I would like to lose about 20-30 pounds before my wedding in 67 days, but my issue is, i have fibromyalgia and a bad ankle so working out is a very hard thing for me, any ideas of low key workouts or diet tips?

Re: need workout advice

  • Have you ever tried aquafit?  A friend of mine used to tech it, so I went to her classes.  It's super low impact, and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like! 
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  • Yes, losing abut 7-14 lbs would be safe in that timeframe, and low impact cardio would be pretty safe. Maybe your doctor has some suggestions???

    I like the elliptical for low impact. I have some knee issues, so I have to weight everything that I do very carefully. I'd LOVE to be a runner, but the impact is too great. Weight training will also go a long way towards helping you tone up as well. There are lots of magazines that offer circuits for weights that could help, or online videos/articles. I like circuit workouts because they're whole body workouts.

    Back when I started my original weight loss journey, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical (once I worked up to that, of course. I couldn't do more than 5 min when I started) 5x a week, and 3x a week I would do a weight circuit in addition to the cardio. That helped with the first 20lbs.

    Giving up processed foods and soda is a huge thing too. Don't starve yourself, because you'll end up driving your body to store every calorie you eat (starvation mode). Eat clean as much as you can, but allow yourself a small treat so you don't totally freak and go on a binge.

    HTH - good luck!
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  • Have you tried spinning?  It's low impact and not weight-bearing.  Amazing workout, too. And, as someone else mentioned, anything in the pool sounds perfect for you.
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    I agree with the others that some sort of aquatic aerobics or spinning would be your best options for workouts given your ankle problems. I teach a spinning class and on average (if you really push yourself) you can burn around 600 calories in 50 minutes! As kwitherington & jennylee said, your diet is key. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables (great this time of year), lean proteins, and carbs that have a lot of dietary fiber. Good luck!
  • I highly suggest going the clean-eating route...not just for a diet, but for a whole lifestyle change.  Will make a considerable change for you and will get you overall healthier.  I second the suggestion about water.  It's GREAT resistance training, cardio and all over muscle builder/fat burner, and obviously with all the boyancy it offers, your ankle will be happy  :)

     DON'T diet! Diets don't last.  Make whatever dietary changes a permanent thing.  And with clean-eating, you're not starving yourself or even paying attention to calories as much as you're just avoiding the toxins that are in the pre-packaged foods that most people eat and watching portion sizes.  If you really stick with it, you should start seeing changes relatively quickly.  Good luck! 
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